Australian Wills Families
William Hulme Wills and
the Wills family Bible

In September 2008 Dale McDonell wrote of her research into the life of William Hulme Wills in reply to a posting on the The Australian Wills Families Index Message Board.

Dale McDonell posted her research on the Index of Australian Wills Families web pages requesting further details of William Hulme.

In London, UK. a person noticed an old bible in a garage sale and purchased it. On examination they found that it contained pages of family records, they searched the internet and located some of Dale's entries. They contacted Dale and forwarded the details.

William Hulme Wills Bible
The cover of the John Wills Bible

These pages record the entries in the William Hulme Wills family bible.

As editor I have highlited the year of each entry to provide a break between entries. This was not part of the original inscriptions.