Australian Wills Families
William Hulme Wills and
the Wills family Bible

Page 3. These Notes are in the back of the Bible.

1840 - John Wills --Son of John and Mary Wills and Charlotte second Daughter of Captain Mitchell Paymaster 2nd Bat. Royal Regiment were Married by License at the District Church of Saint George Camberwell in the County of Surry on Tuesday the 16th day of September 1840 by the Reverened Otley Nash assistant Minister at that Church .

1841 - Charlotte Daughter of the above John and Charlotte Wills was born on Sunday the 30th day of November 1841 and was Christened on [Blank]the [blank] day of the following Month of[blank]at the District Church of Saint Peter Walworth in the County of Surry by the Reverened George Ainslie Minister of that Church . Sponsors her Grandmother Mary Mitchell wife of Captain Mitchell, Elina? Crafter [wife of George Crafter] of No.[blank] Blackfriars Road in the County of Surry Solicitor and Henry Cleaver Esquire of Norwood? in the County of Surry --She was born at No. 5 Great Carter Lane , Doctors Commons London .

1842 - The above named Charlotte Wills [the Daughter] dies at No.5 Great Carter Lane Doctors Commons London on Friday the 16th day of July aged 7 Months and 16 days and was buried in the Vaults beneath the District Church Saint Peter Walworth on the [blank] day of the said month of [blank] by the Reverened George Ainslie the Minister of that Church.

1843 - Eleanor Daughter of John and Charlotte Wills born on Friday the 19th day of May 1843 at No.7Sutherland? Square Walworth in the County of Surry and was Baptised on Wednesday the 21st day of the following month of June at the District Church of Saint Peter Walworth by the Reverened George Ainslie Minister of that Church . Sponsors her Aunt Mary Wills and Margaret Wills Spinster and her Uncle Charles Wills

1845 - John Son of John and Charlotte Wills born on[blank] the 30th of April 1845 at No. 2 Chatham Place Walworth in the County of Surry and Baptized on the [blank] day of [blank] at the District Church of Saint Peter Walworth by the Reverened George Ainslie Minister of that Church --Sponsors her Aunt Sarah Wills Spinster? , his Uncle Charles Wills? and Charles Mandy Lane.

1871 - Married Margaret Ann eldest daughter of Thomas and Matilda Heale? at [blank] Church St. George's Vauxhall in the County of Middlesex on the[blank] day of September 1871

1872 - John Wills Son of John and Margaret Ann Wills born 1st July 1872 at Malcolm Terrace New Cross in the County of Surry

1873 - Thomas second Son of John and Margaret Wills born [blank]1873. died seven days after birth

1874 - Charles Albert Wills third Son of John and Margaret Ann Wills born on the 24th November 1874 at 7 Chittington Square?, Forest Hill in the County of Surrey.

1909 - Married on the 17th February 1909 at Saint Peter Church Eaton? Square in the County of Middlesex to Edith Lys Seager Gosden Widow

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1908 - Margaret Ann Wills beloved wife of John Wills Doctors Common, died March 21st 1908, at home “ Felixtowe” Ravenslea Road, Wandsworth Common aged 71 years.

1910 - John Wills [ above] remarried Hilda Chadwick? [their ?] circa 1910

1917 - Charles Albert Wills Third son of above, drown at sea when his ship was sank by enemy action in 1917 childless.

1920 - John Wills [Junior] married Francis Johnson, Horncliffe, Ravenglass, eldest child of Samuel and Susan Johnson [Deceased] and grandchild of the late William and Sarah Redpath of Shoreswood Schoolhouse [ illegible??? ] Berwick on Tweed, at the Church of St. Michael and All Angels Muncaster, Cumberland. on July 1st 1920.

1926 - John Wills[Senior] died at his London home July 1926 age 82 years.

1943 - John Wills beloved husband of Francis died at his home, 2 Beach Road Fairbourne Merioneth on Oct 21st 1943 aged 71 years . Interred in Llwyngwril Churchyard.

1958 - Francis Wills , Widow of John Wills, died at the home of her brother, the Rev. Selby Johnson at Hooton Roberts Rectory in the West Riding of Yorkshire on April 22nd 1958 aged 71 years -- Interred in Llwyngwril Churchyard.

Page 3 continued -     These last seven entries (above) to complete the record of this branch of the Wills Family have been made by me John Redpath Harrison, nephew and Godson of John and Francis Wills.

Procrastination and then blindness for the final years of his life, prevented my uncle from keeping up the record. These facts and dates, have been supplied by my Mother, only sister of Francis Wills from family remembrances. In memory of much kindness received from my uncle and aunt, my wife Nel and I have called our small daughter born July 15th 1971 Lynette-Francis Harrison.

My uncle John Wills was a man of the utmost integrity, respected and liked by all who knew him and remembered still by many. Tradition of long generations had insisted that the eldest son must be John and a solicitor, whatever his inclinations. His interests lay in engineering and after his fathers second marriage, he felt at liberty to devote himself more entirely to his hobby. He and friends of similar tastes had founded the Model Engineers Socy. in London, in which he held office as Secretary or Treasure for the years he remained in London.

Leaving the Law, he joined the newly formed Company, “Narrow Gauge Railways Ltd.” with W.J. Bassett- Lowke and R. Proctor Mitchell and others and went for them to Exhibitions in Belgium and Norway. He inaugurated miniature Railways at seaside resorts in Britain and circa 1912 went to Geneva to supervise the entire construction and running of the miniature Railway there in Luna Park. On the outbreak of war in 1914 he managed to extricate a proportion of the firms assets .

Being medically unfit for service and overage, he directed the reconstruction of the Ravensglass and Eskdale Rly from 3ft to 15 ins, remaining as general Manager until 1919 when he went on to the Fairbourne Miniature Railway, which he had reconstructed from a horse tramway in 1916 but which had encountered some years of difficulty until he went to take it over, he remained in charge till 1935 till blindness forced his retirement from the railway, which was itself closed for the duration of the second World War.

In 1919 Fairbourne was a private estate being developed. He took a prominent part in the Improvement association and other movements and in all the business side of the provision and building of St. Cynens? Church where his legal knowledge was invaluable. He and my aunt were faithful members of the congregation for all their lives in Fairbourne. As a child, I spent most holidays with them and later lived in their home. I knew him well and he formed my taste for his hobbies and I am still associated with many of the railways and their staffs amongst which he spent many of his happiest years.

John Redpath Harrison. 14/5/1976

Page 3 continued.     Post Script. By John Redpath Harrison 25/3/1979.

As stated on previous page John Wills [ Junior ] married Francis Johnson in Muncaster Cumberland on July 1st 1920. She was the eldest of four children born to Samuel and Susan Johnson [decd.]. Selby, died at Hooton Roberts Rectory in 1957, Francis at Hooton Roberts Rectory on April 22nd 1958, William at his home in Roundhay Leeds 1973? [ their ?], Alison [the youngest] and my mother, whose wonderful memory provided all these facts recorded since the death of Margaret Ann Wills; on the deaths of Selby, Francis close together in time, left the Rectory at Hooton Roberts where the three of them had lived together since 1950. On my advice she came back to Fairbourne, where John and Francis Wills lived in the Post Office 1920-1943 [Johns death] and Francis until 1950.

Alison bought a house, Awelfor, Belgrave Rd, Fairbourne -- only 100yds from the former home in mid 1958 and lived alone in it until March 1978 when blindness and ill health made it essential that she should be accompanied. We therefore moved in with her, I, John my wife Nel and our daughter Lynette Francis aged 7.

Mother died in Dolselly? Hospital after a short stay following a stroke on 22nd November 1978, but she left rich legacy of writings and manuscripts of her childhood, adolescent and adult memories as well as photographs documents and a taped family tree -- all of which we hold for future generations.

She was interred in Llwyngwril Churchyard in the next grave to John and Francis Wills.