Australian Wills Families
William Hulme Wills and
the Wills family Bible

Page 2. This is the page written on parchment and is much harder to read.
[Where there are blanks I have written BLANK, where I can't quite read I have done my best]

1830 - Joseph Wills Son of the before mentioned John and Mary Wills and[ Blank ] { supposed to have been born in Devonshire } were Married at Sidney in New South Wales on the [Blank]day of [blank] by the Reverend [Blank] Joseph married Elizabeth Stevens in Sydney 1830.

1841 - John Wills [the Father] died at Dulwich in the County of Surry on Saturday the 14th day of August 1841 in his 53rd Year and was buried in the Vaults beneath the District Church of Saint Peter Walworth aforesaid on Saturday the 21st day of this said month of August by the Reverend George Ainslie? M.A. Minister of the said Church.

1842 - Mary Wills the mother died at St. Helier, Jersey on Sunday the [in pencil 20th] day March 1842 in her [in pencil 48th] year and was buried in the cemetery of St. Helier Jersey on Thursday the [Blank] day of the said month of March by the Reverend Therdean?

1842 - Mary Wills, Widow of John Wills Esquire late of Doctors Commons London and Mother of the above John Wills deceased died in [blank] the [blank] day of July 1842 at [blank] Rotherithe aged about [in pencil 84] years and was buried in the church Yard of the Parish of Rotherithe on [blank] the [blank] day of [blank] by the Reverend [blank]

1848 - William Hulme Wills Son of John and Mary Wills and [Blank] Moore Spinster Daughter of Captain Moore [R.N.?]of Sidney in New South Wales were married at Sidney on [blank] the [blank]day of [blank] 1848 by special license? By the Reverend [blank]

(Notes by Dale McDonell: - William went bankrupt in Sydney 6 months after marrying Louisa Moore, having taken over her father's furniture shop upon marriage. It was this business that failed. The young couple moved to Tasmania where they produced one daughter. William appears to have abandoned his wife and child and fled to Adelaide where he produced two daughters. Their mother was Elizabeth Stevens of Somerset (or Devon) whose father was a saddler. Elizabeth's death certificate states she was born in Somerset and had four children: Joseph, William, Mary and Ellen. It appears that Joseph and William may have been the children from the 1830 marriage in Sydney of Joseph Wills and Elizabeth. Another child Charles, was born in Melbourne in 1851 and died in Melbourne 1854.

William Hulme Wills' occupation at the time of daughter Ellen's birth in Adelaide was Ginger Beer Manufacturer. At the time of the unfortunate little Charles' birth in Melbourne, William's occupation was "gentleman". By 1856, William is on the electoral roll in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, as a gold miner. He was not in Bendigo in 1865 when his youngest daughter Ellen married James Henry Clarke as her mother signed the permission to marry form.

William Hulme Wills next turns up in Grenfell, NSW, in 1874 when he marries yet again, giving his marital status as widower. At the time, Louisa Moore was still alive as was Elizabeth Stevens. It appears that Elizabeth may have been the widow of Joseph Wills and the two eldest boys may well have been her sons by Joseph. It is not known if William Hulme Wills ever married Elizabeth Stevens.

William Hulme Wills was most certainly a bigamist. He may have been a double bigamist. It seems unlikely that his children by Elizabeth Stevens ever knew they had a half sister in Tasmania or their doubtful legitimacy. Ellen (Wills) Clarke was very aware of her social standing and considered herself well bred. Not to mince matters - she was a snob who conveniently forgot that her comfortable married lifestyle owed it's origins to a Lacemaker of Calais who became a butcher and publican on the goldfields at Bendigo and whose son, Ellen's husband, J.H. Clarke, later owned a large chunk of Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne.) - End of notes

1842 - Elizabeth Wills Daughter of John and Mary Wills and Thomas Evitt? of Champion Grove Camberwell in the County of Surry were Married on[blank] the [blank] day of [blank] 1842 by license? by The Reverened George Ainslie M.A. Minister of Saint Peters Walworth[at that Church].

1845 - Margaret Wills Daughter of John and Mary Wills and Charles Manby[crossed out Manby and Manley? in pencil] Lane Esquire of Sutherland? Square Walworth were Married by License at Saint Peters Church Walworth on Saturday the 15th day of February 1845 by the Reverend George Ainslie the Minister of that Church.

1855 - Sarah Wills Daughter of John and Mary Wills and Frils? Klags? Detrius?Esq, of Grouse? Friedland? Holland , were Married by License at Saint Peters Walworth on Wednesday the 18th day of April 1855 by the Reverend George Ainslie M.A.