The WILLS Family of Lustleigh Devon

The Farms Where they Lived from 1439

Manor of Wreyland

Wreyland Manor House, Willmead, Kelly, Knowle

Lustleigh Parish

Rudge, Eastwrey, Caseley, Gatehouse, Hisley, South Harton

Ilsington Parish

Narracombe, Lenda, Town Barton, Smallacombe, Sigford

Chudleigh etc

Dunscombe, Waddon, Compton,Wolleigh, Collybrook, Lemonford, Reed, Whiteway Barton

Other Information

WILLS Pedigree at Rootsweb

Our family pedigree at RootswebWorldconnect 14,000 names including connected families.

Australian WILLS

Details of many Australian WILLS families and other information.

In the Tracks of Burke and Wills

Extracts from an Australian Holiday

Eulogy to the late Dick Wills of Narracombe Farm

Dick's great passion in life was family history.

The Worldwide Lustleigh Wills Family

Based on a Talk to The Lustleigh Society given by Mike Wills on 27 September 2005

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NOTE:- These pages were compiled by Mike Wills in 2003. Mike passed away in 2017.
In 2020 his pages were resurrected by Tom Wills. All of Mike's original wording and photos have been retained only the coding has been updated to ensure that the pages will display on mobile phones, tablets and other modern computers.


I am Mike WILLS, descended from the Eastwrey branch of the WILLS family. Records show our ancestors living, in the 15th century, in the Manor of Wreyland, Devon, England. This site is intended to supplement the information on our family that is available on other sites. In particular to integrate pictures of the farms and villages where many of our ancestors lived and worked with the large family pedigree published and researched by my 5th cousin Greg. My 6th cousin Tom has a site for Australian WILLS families, including our own. Links to both of these sites are provided above. Much of the research into the family was carried out by the late Dick WILLS, another 6th cousin, without his work our main source of research would not exist.

Lustleigh Village


Lustleigh is a small village on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, England.The village centre is south of the main road between Bovey Tracey and Moretonhampstead in the valley of the small river Wrey or Wray. It was mentioned in the Doomsday book of 1086 where reference is made to a John in Lustleigh, we will never know if he was an ancestor of John, my 14th great grandfather, who was tenant of Willmead in 1439. The earliest part of the present Lustleigh church dates back to the 13th century but the christian graveyard is believed to date from the fifth or sixth century. Many of the old farm houses have now been restored as private residences and are not now part of working farms.

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