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Deltacraft Angler a story of one boat.

Angler June 2012 - Email from Patrick :- I've just bought a boat that looks like a mini Islander. I can't believe they don't have a similar lineage.

The old chap who sold it to me says he bought it in Newcastle but he believed it was originally built in Norway.

What do you think?

Steve Leonard replied:-

This is the Deltacraft "Angler" a nice little displacement hull about 16 ft, it was a Savage from Melbourne before we got it.

We did about 10 of them but people wanted them to plane which of course they weren't designed to do, none the less an ideal "Little Sister" to the bigger Islander.

I think Peter McLean ended up with the moulds in 1988/9.

Patrick then provided this additional information

I'm overjoyed to get this information. I thought that I was on the right track. It looked to me like a Savage Dolphin hull with an Islander style deck mould.

I also thought the Norway story was far-fetched and I'm glad that particular tall tale is behind us now. What I believe is not a tall tale is that the owner, motored from Sydney to Cape York and back about 10 years ago over an 8 month period. He has also fashioned a bulkhead to turn it from a half cabin to a cabin cruiser.

As for the photos, please feel free to use what seems OK to you. They are not mine of course and I will undertake to get you some that are mine once I get it home.

Angler I'm staying with friends in Eden for the June long weekend, so I arranged to pick it up in Belimbla Park, near Camden on Saturday. Bringing it south I did a wheel bearing on the trailer at Cooma and had to leave it there at a garage and hopefully both wheels will get new bearings on Tuesday and we'll pick it up on Wednesday and head back to Ocean Grove, Victoria. The trailer was pretty new in 2001 but has been sitting for years. Joe told me he had checked the bearings.

I had been looking for a displacement launch for some time. We're former sailors who sold our Sonata 6 trailer sailer in favour of a motor boat but weren't happy with the idea of planing about and throwing petrol down the throat of a 40+hp motor.

I think I got this boat extremely cheaply considering the price of some of the Dolphins I'd looked at. As well, with only 10 or so built, I now have a collector's item.

I hope I can join your group as an associate "little sister".

I can't help wondering if Steve has any brochures or such or any material at all in fact, records of hull numbers - anything. Probably not, but I can hope.

Angler Angler

Steve then added

Hi Pat , Nice to hear from you and yes join us in our discussions any-time.
On the "Tests" page is a test on the "Angler" down towards the bottom of the page.

The trip from Sydney to Cape York and back needs some photos I think to authenticate it, big adventure that one!

There is a product called "Bearing Mate" which will stop your trailer bearings seizing in future, Whitworths sell them, nothing worse than a trailer problem on a long trip.

There should be a builders plate near the Skippers seat, maybe when he did the half cabin doors he lost it.

All the very best,
Yours in boating, Steve Leonard

  3 October 2014 - Email from Patrick :-

Hello everyone. You may recall I bought a Deltacraft Angler - the rarer little sister to the Islander.

Slowly but surely I've been working to bring her back to life. New trailer wheel bearings on day one started a list of jobs that has included registering the trailer and boat in Victoria and naming her "Pearl" (short for "The Mighty Pearl").

Virtually everything that the previous owner had added to the boat has come off including the motor, cabin bulkhead, seats and electrics. The little Merc was in pretty good condition but was 2-stroke and had no forward control or alternator. I ended up buying a donor boat that had a new 20hp 4-stroke Honda with electric start, forward control and a healthy alternator. I swapped the motors and sold the donor for not much less than I paid. Sweet. I had to get a much finer prop so that the motor would run at decent revs at 5.5 knots. Also, I added auxiliary rudders for low speed manoevering.

Stripping out the nasty bulkheads opened her up. I don't know why, but the previous owner had a habit of using inappropriate materials that rotted, dissolved or rusted. I added a bimini for a bit of shade while I saved up for a full camping cover which is now finished and fitted.

In the next few weeks I'll be doing the electrics (dual battery), lights, new steering, new seats, table, cooker, portapotti and custom cushions to make the half cabin into a bedroom.

Angler Pearl had been kept on a mooring for some of her life and the antifouling is gradually coming off with each hosing down. I keep putting off the job of paint removal and it looks like it might remove itself eventually.

Our plan for now is to take her for a shortish shakedown cruise on the Murray in November 2014 from Torrumbarry to Echuca (overnight) and then in March 2015 to make a longer trip, probably Boundary Bend in Victoria/NSW to Renmark in SA. There's an awful lot of sheltered water to explore in our corner of Australia and the little Angler is so much easier to trailer than a big old Islander. She's certainly easier on the juice than even our former little caravan.

We can also use her as a camper trailer and it might be nice to head across the Nullarbor and see a bit of WA, sleeping aboard whether afloat or on land.

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