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Rejuvenate a Deltacraft Angler

June 2015 - Email from Paul
I recently purchased a Deltacraft Angler. The outside of the hull and the cabin will come up well with a clean and paint, but the floor has been removed and the inside is in poor condition.

Are there any photos / drawings of the self draining floor and seat / bed set up in the cabin so that I can repair it as close to original as possible.

I've been after the"Savage Dolphin" hull for around 25 years and was not aware of the Angler.

It seems the best of both worlds - the Savage hull and the Deltacraft deck and cabin which appear better than the Savage set up.

My reply
These two pages are all I have on the Angler.
Forum - Page 7
Deltacraft Angler a story of one boat

August 2015 - Email from Paul, enclosing photos
As you can see there is a fair bit of work to be done on Lady Kay. I have a new Yamaha 9.9 high thrust four stroke with forward controls to fit to her.
I would have liked an inboard but the outboard is more practical for towing, floor and cabin space.

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