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A brochure for the original Deltacraft Islander

Islander 5.5m takes you back to what boating is all about - diesel ultra reliability, safety and ridiculously low fuel bills; displacement hull with armchair ride, plus the strength & low maintenance of fibreglass construction.

Islander provides a style of boating that is Winning more and more devotees; a style that is distinctly different from the petrol guzzling, wave bouncing monsters that have become commonplace up to now. Islander's secret is the voluminous, full displacement hull powered by a highly developed, extremely economical Yanmar 15 h.p. twin cylinder diesel. This motor, famous for its reliability, runs up to a superbly comfortable 9 knots and astonishingly uses less than 2 litres of fuel per hour. And what's more you get this performance in what must be the roomiest 5.5 metre around - jump aboard the huge uncluttered cockpit with motor completely under floor, and step down through teak bulkheads into the lock-up cabin that boasts nearly 6ft of standing room. By now you'll be agreeing that there is a whole new world real boating to discover.

Upholstered Comfort Teak Finish - As you look over Islander you'll see the thought put into providing a much higher standard of finish and equipment than in similar sized boat: the warmly patterned woven fabric covered berths that sleep two to three, the marine toilet, the multi-position cabin table that also mounts in the cockpit, teak galley rack, neat galley and water system and the quality deck hardware and bow-rail - Islander's got it all for you.

Many Options Available - Deltacraft provides an extra large choice of optional equipment to cater for all varying requirements: hard- tops, folding soft tops, marine radio etc. - it's all available. See full list on back page.

Variations on Basic Model - Talk to us about the other fascinating Deltacraft models. In addition to the standard boat as described in this brochure, Deltacraft builds two other variants based on the same 5.5 hull and deck. These are:

Trail it or Moor it - Islander is legally trailable and suits a standard 18ft. tandem trailer with brakes and special side supports. Easy to tow, launch and retrieve. Trailer supplied with your boat as option if required. Also we can advise you on mooring and supply your boat with anti-fouling.

Hire Boat Approval - Indicative of Islander's inbuilt safety and strength, this boat passed the Maritime Services Board of N.S.W. stringent swamp testing and safety requirements for hire boat use. The additional foam buoyancy needed for this approval is available as an option in any Islander. Approval has also been gained in other states and many Islanders are now in use as hire boats. The hire fleet operators have found the boat remarkably trouble-free which says a lot for the well proven Yanmar diesel motor.

Deluxe "Continental" Cruiser - Everything on a boat you could wish for - 15 h.p. Yanmar, hardtop, cockpit side seats plus all equipment to make on board life more than comfortable.

Motor Sailer Version - Reliable 15 h.p. Yanmar diesel plus aluminium mast and 200 sq.ft. of sail area.

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What the experts say about Deltacraft 5.5m Islander

We let some of Australian leading boating journalists and marine experts try out Islander on the water. Their comments are unsolicited and unbiased.

"Now there is a small displacement craft which provides nearly six feet of headroom and does it with a combination of good looks and practicality that must cause other makers to stop and look".

"The cockpit is self-draining... because the engine is under the cockpit sole and out of sight the cockpit can be considered to be decked, giving the Deltacraft the biggest cockpit area of any craft its size - and of a few bigger".

"The stem is rather cut-away below the waterline. This cutaway section means that the boat can slew easily when working down a wave face and is less likely to trip and broach than it would be with a full length keel and sharp, deep stem".
"Neat, tidy, well-equipped in standard form and well worth the money".
"Handles exceptionally well and carries her way well".

"There is the story of the Delta-craft owner who left Sydney's Pittwater with a full tank and motored to Newcastle in a morning. Total cost of topping up the tank was $10."

"Storage throughout the boat is more than adequate."

"Five of the boats are working as mini-trawlers in the often wild waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria, operating from a mother ship. The boats work in tandem dragging heavy prawn trawls between between them. So far as safety goes, the Deltacraft seems to have satisfied the professionals".

"We should imagine that many of the owners of the Deltacraft bought their boat after experience with other craft, perhaps sensing that here at last was the style of boating they were after - economical, relaxed and trouble free".

"Safe, steady, economical diesel power in place of high revving, gas guzzling, outboard motors - or more Particularly petrol inboard motors". Se Deltacraft is a solid little boat which purrs along very smoothly thanks to the extremely heavy 12oz. lay-up used in the hull. The builders found that by increasing the glass lay lay-up considerably beyond the normal standards, they could eliminate most of the usual diesel vibration. As well they had the added bonus of creating one of the strongest fibreglass hulls on the market". "It can easily handle any of the conditions you will find thrown up for estuary or bay use, not to mention the odd outside fishing jaunt!"

"There is virtually no maintenance, it costs peanuts to run, it is safe and comfortable and one of the very few little cruisers about, this comfortable for women."

Neville Heydon in THE HOBART MERCURY
"Performance is hardly affected by the number of people or payload carried." "Unlike most of its competitors, the Deltacraft has standing room in the cabin which makes it a comfortable proposition for overnighting or longer cruising."

"The cabin itself is attractively, finished with wooden fittings and tasteful bunk cushions made from fabric with waterproof backing."

".., a good family package with a fuel bill to make the Arabs turn in their oil wells."

"A large bronze rudder provides the boat with good turning capabilities, in fact the boat will turn in its own length."

"This is a great little boat that can only become more and more popular due to two basic reasons - the product is unequalled in its category and petrol is just not going to get any cheaper."

Come for a test run or hire an Islander and you'll agree with the experts.
Find out for yourself how relaxing and how easy diesel powered, displacement boating is. All you have to do is contact Deltacraft or your local Islander agent and arrange for an on-the-water demonstration run. Or, if you prefer, hire an Islander for a day, a weekend or a week at very reasonable rates. These comfortable little cruisers can be hired in Sydney and in other scenic waterways in N.S.W. and other states. Write or phone for details now.

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Specifications & features

Hardtop with 6'2" headroom - Soft top canopy - Side curtains - Rear storm cover - Cockpit seats, bunk size - Teak side rails - S/Steel side rails - Marlin board - Long range s/st. fuel tank, Long range s/st water tank - Window in front hatch - Game pole holders - Rod holders - Pipe bunks in cabin (sleeb two) - Anti-fouling - Windscreen wipers - Depth sounder - Spotlight - Radio 27 Mhz - Side pocket lights (each) - Compass - 2nd Battery & switch - 2 anchors, rope & chain - Fire extinguisher - Stove (s/st. spirit) - Roof vent - Cigarette Lighter - light - Extra stowage in cabin sides - Teak pin rails on cabin shelves - Cabin window curtains - Cutlery rack - Glass rack 4 hole - Binocular rack - Shelves with towel rack - Reading lights (each) - Engine temperature gauge - Hour metre - Oil pressure guage - Voltmetre - Amp metre - Sump oil syringe - Basic positive buoyancy - M.S.B. Hire Boat, standard and approved - Tandem trailer with hydraulic brakes.

15 h.p. Yanmar twin cylinder diesel - Bow rail -Cabin roof rails - Heavy duty deck hardware - Running lights - Helmsman passenger swivel chairs - Full teak bulkhead & lockable cab. door - Stainless steel prop. shaft - Marine toilet - Provision for stove - Control panel, rev. counter switch panel - Electric bilge pump - Heavy duty marine battery - Table with cabin & deck mounts - Bunk cushions & backrests & - Double bunk centre cushions - Fwd. rope storage - Galley rack, teak - Sink with cover & electric water pump - Cabin light - Ice box - Anchor Well in Foredeck.

OTHER MODELS AVAILABLE Deluxe'Continental' Diesel Cruiser Motor Sailer Prices ond specifications on application.