The heading of the poster. My Dad emigrated to Tasmania direct to Cygnet back in 1965. He took up a position, when still in England, as District Medical Officer for the Cygnet area and after arriving made many friends with patients and his support staff at the District Medical Centre plus neighbours. The town seemed full of 'friends'!

He first lived in the house supplied by the State government called 'Kingsley' down Lymington Road. His family were working in Cygnet and Hobart and just before the big bush fire (1967) some of us had moved out. Grant, my youngest brother was still in Cygnet working at the Commonwealth Bank. My parents had moved over to the Eastern banks of the Derwent at Opossum Bay. I remember the fire jumped across the River Derwent to Opossum Bay!

To get to the point of this email: my father, Dr Phil Andrews, was always one for moving house! We all enjoyed Cygnet and after a spell at Opossum Bay and Sydney he moved back to Cygnet. He bought a house in Lymington Road on the town side of the little sawmill.

We were doing a bit of renovating and painting and had to replace a badly rotted timber wall in an out-house which might have had access from the residence. This out-house may have been a trading shop or 'trading post' as we found an old poster; the size of a smallish tea towel inside the wall cavity. Think we found it in the early 1970's. It is quite interesting as it advertises By-Laws as you will note, (see the attached).

I see from your web site that you have a real interest in the district so thought this might be good to know about. When this was nailed up on the wall; Cygnet was still called Lovett and the Warden, M. FitzPatrick was the first Warden of the Municipality. Think that's correct!

Cheers, Rod

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