Built to Last - The Story of the Shipwrights of Port Cygnet Tasmania and Their Boats 1863 - 1997
by Alex Graeme-Evans, Harold A. E. Day, Helen Quilty.
ISBN - 1876261307, 9781876261306, Publisher - Regal Publications, 1996

David Coad has written six books on the history of Port Cygnet covering 1792 early explorers to 1914. They are available from bookshops near Cygnet or from book shops on-line.
Port Cygnet, A history of Tasmania.

In the 1990's Jean Cockerill wrote a small booklet entitled
'Cygnet - A Brief History' which she allowed us to reproduce on these pages at
A Brief History - by Jean Cockerill.

Grave Sites of Cygnet
Many of the people who have helped build Cygnet to the district that it is today have been buried in our local cemeteries. A group Grave Sites of Tasmania have photographed most of the graves in the district. Here are links to their pages. Cygnet War Memorial -- Presbyterian, Cygnet -- St James Roman Catholic, Cygnet -- St Marks Anglican, Cygnet -- St Peters, Cradoc -- Uniting Church, Cygnet

In 2011 Rod Andrews sent a photo of an interesting poster dated
11th June 1908 together with the story of how it came into the position of his family.

The poster details "the standard for determining the weight of loads carried on roads in Port Cygnet".

His email and the poster are reproduced on this link.

The Port
An article about Wilsons and boat building which had been published in AFLOAT magazine September 2012 issue.

A local ship - Utiekah III and her skipper
I noticed several references to Utiekah III, on the internet. As I had several old photos of her, I did some research in the National Library of Australia newspapers site, the results are on this page.

Steam Ship Cygnet
In June 2011 I received the following email:-
I am researching a family of boat builders here in Abingdon, England that built a steam ship called Cygnet, launched 1885. The newspaper report says she was intended for Tasmania.

I am wondering if she was for Cygnet, Tasmania. She was 120 ft. long with a 17ft 3 in. beam and intended to carry up to 400 passengers as well as cargo. Is there anyone who might know of a boat like this? John Foreman.

My research is reported on this link.

Miss Cygnet 1910
In 1910 seventeen year old Miss Christine (Queenie) Hanslow was crowned as 'Miss Cygnet' with a hand made crown of faux pearls.
Photos of the crown were discovered in 2007.

See the photos and read the history of "Miss Cygnet