Some of our visitors to this site will be researching their family history. This page will act as a central point for the exchange of information regarding the pioneers of Lovett and Port Cygnet which is now known as Cygnet.

With the Australian Anzacs in the Great War 1914-1918 information now being on line a page has been established which shows links to men who enlisted in that war and did not return home, as recorded on the Cygnet War Memorial.


January 2015

I am trying to get the history of my family especially for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

My parents were Bill and Betty Vermey who had very limited English at the time. We were a large Dutch family with nine children ranging in age from 16 years to 18 months and arrived in Cygnet approx Feb 1951.

Dad worked in the butcher shop. The older children went to school.

We had great help from Fr Bernard Rogers plus the Dance and Olbrich Families.

If you have any memories of how Dad got on with the customers or anything else you might remember I would be greatfull.

Please click here to email me.   Elly.

I am researching my grandfathers maternal family who were the Allen family. I have found some information on them on your site (actually more than any family members has ever known!).

There was always an assumption that William and Anne only had one child, Thomas, but now I know there were more I would love to hear from any of the other siblings. I am a descendant of Thomas & Sophia (Watson). Following their divorce Sophia took their daughter Emily to live in NZ. Emily later married William Jones in Masterton New Zealand. Thanks, lyn

Editors Note:- Actually the Allen family are not on my pages but are on a page maintained by David Coad at Surnames Registered In The Cygnet Area


I have attatched a photo and service records of my grandfather Thomas Strong (centre) Danny Bacon (left) and Archie Rogers (right) all born in Cygnet and joined 12th Batallion in 1914. This may be of some interest to you and some of the families still living in Cygnet including Fred Strong my uncle who I believe still lives there. I hope to visit there next year on ANZAC day and march with my uncle (Fred) as he and I are returned soldiers. Regards Barry

Editors note:-These are the links to the official "Australian Anzacs in the Great War 1914-1918" web pages that record the service record of Danny Bacon (left), Thomas Strong (centre) and Archie Rogers (right).

Researching the Nichols family from Lord Howe Island, Port Arthur and Hobart.
Known members are:-
Captain Thomas Arnold Nichols, Captain Thomas C.G. Nichols, Anne Elizabeth Chase, Captain T.G.C. Nichols, William Henry Nichols, Thomas Nichols and Mary Ann Nichols.
William Henry arrived at Lord Howe Island with Captain Thomas C.G.Nichols on the Aladdin 1862. Any information to Stan Nichols at Thank you.

I am researching my family tree armed with only little info. My grandmother was Olga May Dillon from Cygnet. Her son named his first girl after his grandmother Mary Elizabeth. So with camera in hand went to Cygnet and what I found just blew me away. I met a lady who lived next door to my nan and they were friends she even opened up the museum for me to take a good look at my past family. I even spent time with a man called John Dance who gave me so much info, gave me photos, we talked for hours, he took me to the cemetary and I took so many photos of all the Dillons. My mum said that Olga yearned to live back in Cygnet before she died and I myself yearn to visit more often so if anyone out there can help me put all the pieces together I would be very grateful. Jodi

Researching the Nichols family from Lord Howe Island, Port Arthur and Hobart.
Known members are:-
Captain Thomas Arnold Nichols, Captain Thomas C.G. Nichols, Anne Elizabeth Chase, Captain T.G.C. Nichols, William Henry Nichols, Thomas Nichols and Mary Ann Nichols.
William Henry arrived at Lord Howe Island with Captain Thomas C.G.Nichols on the Aladdin 1862. Any information to Stan Nichols at Thank you.

I have a Frederick Kregor born Germany c 1829 d 1898 Port Cygnet, he married Dorothea Schulz born c 1837 d 1878 Port Cygnet.

William George Kregor born c 1863 d 1942 Port Cygnet, he married Martha Amelia Mazengarb born c 1865 d 1934 Buried Cornelian Bay.

Frederick's son George William b 1875 d 1951 Port Cygnet married my g-Aunt Kate Wesley in 1903.

I would love any info on Kregor Family. I believe they were fruit growers. Helen Newman

I am going to Cygnet in September 2004 to try and find some more on the Kilmartin family. I have been doing our family history for a number of years now in between raising 4 children, now the grandchildren are coming along which is lovely. Do you know of any one else who is looking at the Kilmartin and Bennett family's. There were 13 children born to John and Bridget Kilmartin so there hopefully will be someone to share information with. Please contact Susan at

I recently visited Cygnet with my husband. His father was born in Cygnet and I am trying (so far with little success) to trace his family-what with skeletons and all. I was told about a local artist in the 30's. Grandfather's name was John Alan Millar, wife May Victoria Grace Dickinson. Children born Donald Alan 24 Oct 1906 - Clyde Alexander 12 April 1914. Can you tell me if this is our missing relative. Any help would be much appreciated. Please contact Dawn Allan at

Thomas Mills was the great uncle of my grandfather James Cranney. James Cranney migrated to Australia in 1910 intending to spend some time with his uncle. Unfortunately Thomas Mills died at Cygnet during my grandfathers journey out. I believe other Cranney family members living in Tasmania helped my grandparents to settle. Contact with any descendants of Thomas Mills would be appreciated at

Hi, my name is Teresa and I was wondering if you could help me, my great grand mother was Ester Pear Smith she was baptised at the Port Cygnet Methodist Church. I have been told there were photos of her and her family but can't track them down, would love copies if any one knows the where abouts of these please email me. Her father was Tasman Smith and her mother was Amy Louise Ross. Thank you again. Teresa at

I am researching the Gilbert, Stanton, Thorp, Cripps, and Brewer families in the Cygnet district. Please contact me if you are also interested in these families.
Frances at

I am related to Norah Gertrude O'Connor, who married Joseph Lawler in 1898. Details of the marriage are as follows.
In the District of Zeehan, Register no 24 on 11th April 1898 at Zeehan, Marriage by Licence was celebrated according to the Rites of R.C Church.
  Joseph Lawler, Residence - Present Zeehan, Usual - Port Cygnet, Age (last birthday) 34, Occupation Carpenter, Condition Widower, (Former wife deceased in 1894, Children Living 5, nil dead), birth place - Port Cygnet. Father's name - John Lawler, Occupation, Farmer, Mother's name - Bridget Callaghan.
  Nora Gertrude O'Connor, Residence - Present , Zeehan, Usual - Oatlands, Age (last birthday) 24, Occupation Housekeeper, Condition Spinster, birth place - Oatlands, Father's name James O'Connor, Occupation, Farmer, Mother's name Mary Bridget McTigue.
  This marriage was celebrated between us in the presence of James Vincent of Zeehan & Catherine Holloway of Zeehan as Witnesses.
  I would love to hear from you at if you can provide further information. Stephen

I was looking at the page on Port Cygnet Tasmania and found your email address. I have in my possession a small book with writing on the frontspiece '3rd prize Presented to Phoebe Brewer for correct answers to Bible Quotations Port Cygnet Sabbath School April 7 1871. I estimate she was 17 at the time. She was said to have older sisters called Tilly, Sarah and Mary. Can you give me any idea where I can find more information about her ?   Contact Margaret at

I have been researching my family history from Cygnet. The Roger's and Bacon families. I was born in Cygnet. If you find anything on these families please e-mail

I am a descendant of the O'Rourke's.
I have come to a brick wall and I noticed on your history that there was a Daniel O'Rourke. The O'Rouke's I have is Charles who married Trephynna (can be spelt a couple of ways) Mippit Crisp, and their children are James, Catherine, Charles William, and John. Charles (Charles's surname is spelt Rourke).
Anything you may be able to help me with would be muchly appreciated. Linda at

You will find some family and district history at these links.
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