Descendants of John Alexander Wills

Third Generation

6. William Arthur Wills (John , John Alexander ) was born on 27 Mar 1860 in Chilwell, Australia. He died on 8 Mar 1912 in Adelaide. He was buried in Semaphore, SA.

William Arthur Wills did not enjoy a strict catholic education and ran away to sea aged 11. His father found him in Brisbane and apparently told him that if he wanted to be a ships boy, he could do so on his ship, which he did. As a result of his fathers training he became one of the youngest in the Colony to obtain a masters certificate at the time.
After seven years serving as Chief Officer of various vessels for the Adelaide Steamship Company, he was employed by the Adelaide Steam Tug Company as master of various steam tugs during the period when sea travel was the major means of communication. He was appointed the Wreck Assessor for the port of Adelaide. A highlight was providing ship to shore transport in SA for the Duke of Cornwall from the Royal Yacht Ophir on the modern tug Euro during his visit to open Parliament for the Federation of Australia.

William married Ellen Maria Hinwood on 21 Jul 1884 in Melbourne. Ellen was born in 1864 in Ballarat. She died on 5 May 1922 in Adelaide. She was buried in Semaphore, SA.

Ellen Maria Hinwood's family had emigrated to Australia from England via South Africa, where her parents married.

Not one of William and Ellen's five sons went to sea. Instead, they chose the Army to participate in World War I, where one was killed in action and the remainder had their lives shortened dramatically as a result.

William and Ellen had the following children:

+ 8 M i Sydney Wills
  9 M ii Francis George Wills was born on 15 Apr 1892 in Port Pirie, South Australia. He died on 4 Aug 1916.

He was killed in action and buried in a War Cemetry in France.
+ 10 M iii William Rignold Wills
  11 M iv Earl Victor Wills was born on 24 May 1896 in Semaphore, SA. He died on 6 Nov 1937 in Adelaide. He was buried in Semaphore, SA.
        Earl married Kate.
+ 12 F v Iola Jean Wills
  13 M vi Bartley Joseph Wills was born in 1908 in Semaphore, SA. He died on 4 Aug 1937 in Adelaide. He was buried in Semaphore, SA.

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