Descendants of Henry Martin WILLS

Second Generation

2. Thomas Henry WILLS (Henry Martin ) was born on 2 Mar 1817 in of Ballanlay, County Mayo, Ireland. He died on 11 Dec 1897 in Rothbury,NSW. He was buried in Rothbury, Sydney, N S W, Australia.

The Gale Book shows Thomas Henry born March 1818.

Thomas Henry came to Australia as an assisted (Bounty) immigrant in 1841. He, with his brother, James traveled in the ship "Alfred" - tonnage 716 - which sailed from London 1st September and Plymouth 7th September in the year 1840, reaching Sydney 10th January, 1841.

On 9th October, 1841, Thomas and Eliza married at the Congregational or Independent Registered Chapel, Pitt Street, Sydney. On both her marriage certificate and Immigration form, Eliza Ann's name was recorded as "Anne". However, in her own handwriting in 1894, she records her name as Eliza Ann.

Thomas and Eliza lived at first on the south coast of N.S.W. and the birth of their first child, Henry Martin Scarborough, is recorded as Twofold Bay. However, their other children, with the possible
exception of the youngest, George Edmund, were born at Warialda.

The family moved to Rothbury and lived at "Mount Wills" (now Wills Hill). The time of their arrival is not known but they were in residence there in 1874. A note in an old Bible states “Returned to Mt. Wills 2 April 1861”, this is in Thomas Henry’s handwriting.

Thomas and Eliza died at Rothbury in 1897 and are interred in the Rothbury Cemetery where there are the graves of many Wills descendants.

The "Unmarried Male Immigration" form shows :-
Aged - 23 years, 12 July 1840,
Calling - Farm servant and stockman,
State of bodily health - Good,
Religion - Protestant,
Remarks - Reads & writes.
Fare appears to be - £19.0.0

His death was registered at Greta on the 11 December 1897 by Thomas D. Wills of Rothbury. Reg. No.11949.

It is thought that Eliza was a midwife and her earnings enabled Thomas to travel to America where he had a sister. It is recorded in a family diary that Thomas introduced oleander and agapanthus to Australia from America. (Told by Grace Brown of Branxton (granddaughter of Thomas Dobson Wills).

Thomas married Eliza Ann (Blacka) BLACKER daughter of ? (Blacka) BLACKER on 9 Oct 1841 in Sydney, St Phillips. Eliza was born on 28 Feb 1818. She died on 13 Nov 1897. She was buried in Rothbury.

William and Sarah Blacker (parents of Eliza Ann) traveled to Sydney as assisted (Bounty) immigrants in 1841, with their ten children, the oldest Eliza Ann. They sailed from Liverpool in the ship "Margaret" - tonnage 568 - on 23rd October, 1840, arriving Sydney 28th March, 1841.

Thomas and Eliza had the following children:

+ 11 M i Henry Martin Scarborough WILLS was born on 31 Mar 1845.
+ 12 M ii Thomas Dobson WILLS was born on 24 Nov 1847. He died on 21 Apr 1925.
+ 13 F iii Eliza Jane WILLS was born on 20 May 1850. She died on 13 Sep 1925.
+ 14 M iv James William WILLS was born on 27 May 1851. He died on 16 May 1912.
+ 15 M v George Edmund WILLS was born on 31 Jan 1858. He died on 22 Nov 1936.

7. Sarah WILLS (Henry Martin ) was born on 2 Feb 1824 in Mayo, Ireland. She died on 12 Nov 1905 in Beaver, Utah, USA.

Gale Book (p.17) has Sarah Wills born 2 February 1822.
Merle O'Shannessy lists her as born 8 April 1844, which is probably a typo since James is listed as born 1822.
Gale Book (p.145-6) says," Sarah, we understand, was born on a ship in
the harbor near Mayo, Ireland in 1822.

We have the story of Thomas Henry, the first child, Sarah, the fourth child and Elenor the ninth one.

They went to Canada in search of work and a new home. There were some of their friends who had gone there and thought it was a good place. Later the other members of the family moved to Australia. They wanted the children in Canada to come to them. Soon Thomas and Sarah decided to go, but would leave Elenor with their friends and soon return and bring their parents with them, but it never happened. Thomas and Sarah married in Australia. Elenor married James Leach, a son of the family she was left with, her descendants are some of them still living in Canada. The descendants of Thomas are in Australia. Sarah and her family went to the United States and their descendants are scattered throughout the Western States."

Sarah married Henry GALE on 8 Apr 1844 in Sydney, NSW. Henry was born on 18 Oct 1818 in Box, Wiltshire, England. He died on 26 Dec 1891 in Beaver, Utah, USA.

As a Mormon Henry Gale had five wives, according to a pedigree chart from the Gale family.

Henry and Sarah had the following children:

  16 F i Elizabeth GALE was born on 20 Jan 1845 in Sydney, NSW. She died on 9 Mar 1929 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, USA. She was buried in Snowflake, Arizona, USA.

They met in San Bernardino, California.
        Elizabeth married William Decatur KARTCHNER about 1862 in Beaver, Utah.
  17 M ii James GALE was born on 6 May 1846 in Sydney, NSW. He died on 12 Dec 1928 in Franklin, Greenlee, Arizona, USA. He was buried on 14 Dec 1928 in Franklin, Greenlee, Arizona, USA.

James Gale was a Farmer.
  18 M iii George GALE was born on 21 Sep 1848 in Sydney, NSW. He died on 15 Dec 1934. He was buried in Blanding, New Mexico, USA.

Married Martha Black 7 JUN 1868.
  19 F iv Rebecca GALE was born on 23 Mar 1851 in Sydney, NSW. She died on 24 Sep 1940.

Married James Thompson 21 NOV 1867
  20 M v Wandell Pacific GALE was born on 12 May 1853 in Pacific Ocean. He died on 23 May 1875.

Wandell Pacific GALE was born on the Pacific Ocean enroute from
Sydney, Australia, to San Bernardino, California. GALE BOOK shows
Wandle (p 18) and Wandell (p 26)
  21 M vi Henry Charles GALE was born on 27 Aug 1855 in San Bernadino, San Bernadino, California, USA.

Married to Roxana Williams.
  22 F vii Sarah Ann Vagas GALE was born on 21 Jan 1858 in Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, USA. She died on 18 Jun 1925 in Beaver, Utah, Utah, USA.

Married to Hyrum Thompson.
The endowment was reconfirmed on 30 MAR 1964 in the Salt Lake Temple.
  23 M viii Joseph GALE was born on 26 Sep 1860 in Beaver City, Beaver, Utah, USA. He died on 11 Jan 1946 in Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA.

Married Mary Ann Moffat 1 JAN 1883.
  24 F ix Mary Ellenor\elinor (Nellie) GALE was born on 6 Feb 1863 in Beaver City, Beaver, Utah, USA. She died in Apr 1897 in Wellington, , Utah, USA.

Married William Thomas Hardy Reid in 1882. Death date of 7 Sept 1913
and the baptism and endowment dates were put in, probably by Wayne.
The Gale Book has her death as April 1897.
  25 M x Thomas Henry GALE was born on 22 Nov 1865 in Beaver City, Beaver, Utah, USA. He died on 1 Sep 1951. He was buried in Bloomfield, , New Mexico, USA.

Married Delila Ann Allred.

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