Descendants of Henry Martin WILLS

First Generation

1. Henry Martin WILLS was born about 1795 in of Runwell, Essex, England.

Gale records show just Martin Wills, but Merle O'Shannessy had him listed as Henry Martin Wills. The Gale Book also shows him "of Burrwell, Essex, England" (p 146) Dates don't jibe for this family, so "about" dates that seem to go together with the information from the Shipping records of the Alfred are used. These all need to be confirmed.

Shipping records show that four children of Martin Wills and his wife Elizabeth arrived in Sydney on the ship "Alfred" on the 19th of January 1841. They were:
Thomas Wills, farm servant and stockman, 23 years on 12 July 1840;
Mary Wills, seamstress, twenty;
James Wells, farm servant, 18 years Feby 1840;
Sarah Wills, farm servant, sixteen.

Both Sarah and Mary's page noted that Martin Wills was dead, but the two boys had him listed as a farmer. All four were unmarried, protestants, in good health, and all could read. Thomas could also write. It must have cost them nineteen pounds apiece for the trip. Each has the notation, "no complaints." This information does not agree completely with the following story found in the Gale Book.

Ancestry of James Gale through the Wills and McAudra lines.
Of Martin Wills and his wife Elizabeth McAudra we find so little about them. He had lived in Burrewell, Essex, England, also in Nottinghamshire, England. She was from Shoudey, Germany. Their fourth child, Sarah, we understand, was born on a ship in the harbor near Mayo, Ireland in 1822.

We have the story of Thomas Henry, the first child, Sarah, the fourth child and Elenor the ninth one. They went to Canada in search of work and a new home. There were some of their friends who had gone there and thought it was a good place. Later the other members of the family moved to Australia. They wanted the children in Canada to come to them.

Soon Thomas and Sarah decided to go, but would leave Elenor with their friends and soon return and bring their parents with them, but it never happened. Thomas and Sarah married in Australia. Elenor married James Leach, a son of the family she was left with, her descendants are some of them still living in Canada.

The descendants of Thomas are in Australia. Sarah and her family went to the United States and their descendants are scattered throughout the Western States.

Henry married Elizabeth MC AUDRA daughter of William MC AUDRA and Elizabeth in Essex ?. Elizabeth was born about 1798 in of Shoudey, Germany.

Spelling varies in Gale Book from McAudry (p. 17) to McAudra (p. 7).
Merle O'Shannasy spelled it McAndrew.

Henry and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 2 M i Thomas Henry WILLS was born on 2 Mar 1817. He died on 11 Dec 1897.
  3 M ii Martin WILLS was born about 1819.

Died young.
  4 F iii Mary WILLS was born about 1820 in of Ballinagh, County Mayo, Ireland.
  5 M iv Henry WILLS was born about 1821.
  6 M v James WILLS was born in 1822 in County Mayo.

The "Unmarried Male Immigration" form shows he arrived in Australia on the ship "Alfred" 19 January 1841
Aged - 18 years, February 1840,
Calling - Farm servant,
State of bodily health - Good,
Religion - Protestant,
Remarks - Reads.
Fare appears to be - £19.0.0
+ 7 F vi Sarah WILLS was born on 2 Feb 1824. She died on 12 Nov 1905.
  8 F vii Margery WILLS was born about 1826.
  9 F viii Elizabeth WILLS was born about 1836.
  10 F ix Elenor WILLS was born on 19 Apr 1838 in of England, To Ireland, To Canada. She died on 27 Sep 1913.

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