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First perhaps as punishment and then to seek their fortune members of the Wills families of England have emigrated to virtually all the corners of the world. In the 19th century members from different branches of the Lustleigh Wills family of Devon are known to have gone to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and even to St Helena. We hope this site will help to find more lost cousins from many more Wills families.
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Genealogical research information about Devon
Homes & Farms of the Wills Family in Devon provides details of the life style and farms operated by the Wills Family over the years.
Wills Family Memorials Photos of some of the headstones in cemeteries plus interior plagues and a stained glass window.
The Book of Ilsington by Dick Wills is a hardback with about 170 pages including 365 photographs and a text describing a typical Dartmoor village with its history, and life during the last 100 years, at a time when the Wills family farmed 50 per cent of the farms in the parish. It is now available for UK £19.95 plus postage. At http://genuki.cs.ncl.ac.uk/DEV/Ilsington/IlsingtonBook.html.
Published by Halsgrove Publishing at www.halsgrove.com.
An index of the book is available at this link.

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