A Deltacraft Builders plate

July 2014

The original idea of Andrew Webber in 2007, as detailed on our Home page   was that we develop a "data base" of fellow owners.

We have only now received details of several builders plates and this provides a base to commence a "data base".

The following is a sample. We hope that other Deltacraft owners will add to this data base by emailing   Tom  .

The Mark 1

Mark 1 plate
Mark 1 plate location

The Deltacraft company which built the Mark 1 was wound up by Steve Leonard in 1982.

Steve reports that they were building a Deltacraft Mark 1 every 5 days that is 60 per year, in the period before the the business was sold.

The Mark 1 was built from 1978 to 1982.

Steve advised me that some plates may have a strange looking 3 in the number sequence. This is because at one stage they lost the number 3 punch and used a reverse E stamp in place of the 3.

This can be seen in the photo of a plate near the top of this page.

Mark 1 Deltacraft Builder Plates Located
NumberDate Built   Current LocationNameDate Located
Lake MacquarieNSW     -       Sept 2015
Sussex InletNSW     -       Oct 2015
Hawkesbury RiverNSW  CindyAug 2013

The Mark 2

Plate location
Mark 2 plate location

In 1982 John Gale and Steve formed a partnership, called Galecraft, a name that John already owned. They only employed a laminator on the chopper gun, and an apprentice.

The Mark 2 was built from 1982 to 1989.

The Deltacraft Mark 2 numbering started at number 100 in 1982.

The plates are located next to drivers seat on right-hand side of boat, shown in the photo.

They sold the business to Mark Willis in late 1987. Steve stayed on for 6 months. Production of the Mark 2 ceased in 1989.

The first boat built was number 100 so G116 is the 17th boat built by Galecraft, hence the G for Galecraft prefix.

The other section of the number 883 records the build year of 1988 and the 3 indicates the month of the year, in this case March.

Deltacraft Mark 2 Builders Plates Located
NumberDate Built   Current LocationNameDate Located
-VIC - July 2014
Sugar BayNSWAlbatrossJuly 2014
-- - Jan 2016

A Deltacraft Builders plate

A different design. The inscription at the bottom of the plate appears to read:-
"Built for Nick Ram ??. By John Gale, Start Xmas 19??.

A Mystery


An owner wrote :-
I thought this was the builders plate of our Mark 2 Deltacraft, named “TUBBY”, which was purchased from Lake Macquarie, NSW in 2006, but it appears to have been replaced with a hire boat plate, which surprised me, as the boat is in good condition.
It reads
5 - 1 - 87
This date could be 5th January 1987 or 1st May 1987.

A few days later we found an Australian Government ABN web page which told us that Able Boats P/L were registered in 1982 and closed 1993.

If you can not locate a builders plate on your Deltacraft here are other ways to age your boat.

Fuel tanks - In an item on fuel tanks for the Mark 1 Steve mentions that "In the very beginning some red plastic fuel tanks of 20 litres were also used."

Shower & toilet - Mark 1, if it has a shower /toilet module behind the steering it was built in 1981, if not then it's built prior to 1981.

Sign writing - Another clue to the age of your boat is that the early Mark 1 had the below signwriting which depicts the moon rising over an island with two palm trees.


Here is a modern sticker, which is based on the original above.


Plates from a Melbourne built Deltacraft

A Melbourne builer of Deltacraft A Melbourne builer of Deltacraft
Read the full story about the Melbourne built Delta.