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24 October 2008 My wife and I find ourselves in the awkward situation of needing to build a farm shed now, which will eventually house a boat we don't yet own!

Could you please advise me of the maximum height on trailer of a Deltacraft Islander Mark 2 or 3.

From everything I've heard and read, the Deltacraft would ideally suit my wife and I in puttering around Lake Eildon and the Gippsland Lakes.

Reply The overall height on a trailer varies due to wheel variations, generally no higher that 2.2 meters ground to hardtop. Be careful to lay down the masthead light.

11 November 2008 - I am the owner of a Deltacraft Islander Mark 2. It is the trailerable version. I have the original Owners Manual but am unable to tell when it was built. It has a four blade prop, is powered by the Volvo 2003, and has the 92 litre water and fuel tanks. I bought it off my father about three years ago, after it sat in his yard on the trailer being ignored. It now lives in my shed and is given lots of TLC. My father owned it for at least 6 years before me.

How do I add my comments to the forum?

Andrew's Reply - Just email any questions you need to know about the Deltacraft or if you wish email your phone number and I will phone you.

Is there a printers name and job number or year number on the Owners Manual.

Since 2008 we have managed to interperate the builders plate numbers. Go to our builders plates pages for details.

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