Writing to Father Christmas and Much More

Received this email in December 2002.

I would like to know if the kids in Australia write to Santa Claus in the North Pole or the South Pole?
What is the address for Santa where you are?
Thank you.
I am a 7 yr old girl who would like to know.
P.S. Are you an Elf ?
How do you know so much ?
Are you Santa's best friend or what ?

Answer     All Australian children write to the North Pole because it is winter time up there and down here it is summer.     I know so much because I am 71 years old.

Grown-ups only

Only daddies and mummies, uncles and aunties or grown-up children are allowed to look at this special Santa letter hidden on another page.
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How Australians say "Merry Christmas"

In response to one visitor asking "I was wondering if there is a special way that Australians say Merry Christmas?".
My wife remembered something that she learnt in her childhood.
Divide Merry Christmas into M - erry - Ch - ristmas.
Swap the Ch and M and rejoin to make "Cherry Mristmas".

Merry Christmas
    Or what about as the above from the Land Down Under.