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The Wills Family

in Colombia, South America


By Fernando Wills

I am a Wills from Colombia, South America, our ancestor William Wills was born in 1805 and arrived from England in 1825, he was a geologist and became a very popular member of Bogotá´s high society and he married the sister of the wife one of our main independence heroes, Francisco de Paula Santander.

He came to Colombia with Dr. Chenney an Stephenson, son of the discoverer of the steam machine. He had 13 children, and only returned to England as an envoy from the Colombian government to help negociate the external debt. He was friend of presidents, a writter (wrote the first Economy Book about Colombia) died in 1875 his biography in two volumes was written by a very famous english historian Malcolm Deas an Oxford fellow, unfortunately in his research he started only from his arrival to Colombia.

Since then, the Wills family has been one of the more important families in our country with writers, poets, large land owners, ministers, presidents of large companies etc. all the ancestors come from William. If anyone can help us trace more about his origins, we would be very grateful.

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Here are links to descriptions of the life of William Wills. They are mainly written in Spanish, but if you copy one and paste it into Google Translate you can read it in English.

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