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From Paul, 2 December 2011

I am a descendant of George Wareing Webb.

He married Eliza Stewart, Sydney NSW in 1861.

I am trying to find when he came to Australia. He was born in England 1839. He had a brother, Robert Wrightson Webb, born 1832, who migrated to USA. I have an Ancestors report, dating back to the burial of Sampson Webb in Stone, Stafford, 1594.

Would be interested in hearing from you.

From Christine 23 Nov 2008
I am researching my ancestor John Webb who was born in Ickleton (or Heckleton), Cambridgeshire in 1836 (+/-). He married Ann Hall in Newtown NSW in 1858. The family seems to have lived in Picton/Douglass park area. I wonder if anyone on your site has information on this family?
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From Garry, Canberra, 17 Sept 2011

I have a lot of information to respond to this posting, though I guess looking at the date it was posted, Christine has either already found her info or has given up.

John and Ann Webb were actually married in the church of St Peters at what is now the suburb of St Peters (at that time it was called Cooks River Settlement) on 3 August 1858, and a few weeks later they had my Gt Grandmother, Annie, at Waterloo Estate in Newtown.

Annie went on to marry my Gt Grandfather Charles Newton at the Holy Trinity Church in Kelso, after the Webbs had moved on from Picton/Douglas Park to O'Connell Plains (south of Bathurst) where they met up with Charles' parents (Charles (the first) and Johanna) and family. Both families then moved to Bowan Park (near Cudal and Molong), and then Charles & Annie moved to Canowindra.

John and Ann Webb are buried next to Charles and Annie Newton in Canowindra. I have all my tree info on Rootsweb at

Don't have anything on the Webbs back in England other than John was born, as Christine said, in Ickleton/Heckleton, so would love to know more. All else I do know is from John's death certificate 9 March 1915 which lists "Time in Aust Colonies : 59 years in NSW", and the 1856 passenger list shows he was 20yo. Have a little bit on John and Ann's other children but no depth, so am very very happy if you'd like to throw something my way.

I'm actually tied up over the next few weeks helping for a family reunion on the October long weekend (my Grandparents' 100th wedding anniversary and my father and three of his siblings are still alive), so I mightn't be able to respond to Christine straight away, but certainly would love the connection and will certainly respond . Actually the reunion was the reason I found Christine's posting because I was trying to find out more about Ickleton/Heckleton.   Cheers.

From Lyn, 15 October 2011

According to family information a Reginald George Sheffield Webb arrived in Australia, from South Africa, sometime prior to 1922. The same source said Reginald married Ethel A. Hale in Australia in 1922. Does anyone have any knowledge of this family?

From Kerrie Kapalos 5 November 2006
My great grandfather Wilfred William Webb (born 1887, also known as William Wilfred Webb) came to Australia about 1925 with his wife Elizabeth Alice Webb (nee Hewitt, born 1889) they are both from Wales. Wilfred Williams father's name was Thomas and his mother's was Esther Jones. Elizabeths father was Daniel Hewitt and her mother was Elizabeth.
My great grandfather told his children he was a cousin to Capt Matthew Webb, who in 1875 was the first man to swim the English Channel. I have been trying to find the link but havent been able to get past my great grandfather if you know of any info that could help me I would be very greatful. Kerrie.

From Lucinda Webb 30 Nov 2004
First known Webb member in Australia - Christopher Webb - married Lucinda McCann (from Ireland) in Grafton, NSW - 1886. They had 7 sons - the youngest John Edgar, was my Grandfather. Christopher died in Grafton in 1929. On NSW Birth, marriage & death registry online, it lists on his death certificate Christopher's parents as Richard A. and Eliza. There is no record of his birth in NSW. I am trying to find out where Christopher was born and trace back from there.

From Nina Shereston 12 October 2004
Im trying to find any info on the ancestors of Percival John Webb b:9 march 1904 Mackay Qld, d: 22 june 1950 Bowen Qld. wife: Nina Kathleen Hilditch b: 2 Sep 1909 Newport Wales d: 29 May 1969 Brisbane. Father: John Percival? Webb, mother: Eva, children (that I know of) John Stanley Webb, Lorraine Webb (mn Taylor), Pauline Webb (mn:Clare). Thank you.

From Peter Webb, 14 October 2004
I would like any information on William James Webb born 1893 in Chepstow, his parents were George Webb and Mary Alice nee Dowswell, his paternal grandparents were Samuel Webb and Emma nee Gilbert. I believe William went to Australia. I have no dates or areas, sorry this is due to the early deaths of many family members nobody really knows. I think he may have gone around about the time of the first world war as two of his brothers fought in the war and moved together to Derbyshire after the war. My grandfather died not long after the war from his wounds and my grandmother told my aunt of an uncle in Australia, after researching my family tree I have found William, along with another brother who died and a sister who was later adopted as their parents died. I would be very grateful for any information.
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From Janette Agg, 9 January 2019
Following up on an old request from 2004 on your Webb family pages, but if Peter Webb is still researching, there is a fair bit on William James Webb in his military record at discoveringanzacs.naa.gov.au/browse/records/407293/2.
I’m only incidentally interested in the Webb family, as some of my Agg ancestors married Webb family members. www.wikitree.com/wiki/Webb-8745
Great that you are still maintaining your website at 86!