The World

Above is a list of countries for which contributions have been recorded. The majority of the contributions to these pages are from the USA but unless an address is given it is not always possible to be certain of the country of origin.

Please send a saying from your part of the world, particularly if it relates to plants, birds, animals, fish or insects.

Sky, sun, moon, wind, rain, fog and dew

Once you commence studying folklore weather forecasting it becomes obvious that some observations should be the same in all islands, continents and countries because it is the same sky, sun, moon, wind, rain, fog and dew everywhere.

Plants, birds, animals, fish and insects

Plants, birds, animals and insects are usually unique to each land mass. For example the kangaroo, platypus and koala of Australia.

Also humans must be added to the list, because my grandmother had a saying "It must be going to rain as my bones are aching". She suffered from arthritis which is an inflammation of the joints of the legs and arms. Rheumatism is a similar disease.