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15 March 2010 From: Michelle
I'm from North Carolina a southern state of the USA and have always heard that if we have a thunderstorm in winter, severe weather will follow approx. 14 days later.
Is this true or simply folklore?
16 Mar 2007 From: Anita
My husband told me a saying that I have never heard and can't find anything on the net about it, it is..
It must snow 3 times on robins tail.. before spring arrives.
Please help.
29 May 2005 From: Lynne
Can you help. My gran used to tell me a rhyme as a child but cannot remember it properly. It went something like this
One fine day, two fairies went flying through the sky,
They flew so fast they bumped their heads and both began to cry,
Old father sun looked out and cried never mind my dears
I'll send my fairy folk to come and dry your tears,
One came in yellow, one came in red
[it goes on untill all the colours of the rainbow have been said] I cannot remember any more but would love to know the rest.
11 Feb 2005 From: Deb
Is it true that when pecan trees bloom, there won't be any further frost?
30 Nov 2004 From: Sarah
Hi, I was just wondering if seeing lots of red berries on trees/bushes in early autumn means that a cold hard Winter is approaching. I live in the UK and have seen them out earlier this year than usual and my grandparents said that this means that we are in for some harsh weather this year. Is there any truth in this? Thanks.
25 Oct 2004 From: Betty
There has been an abundance of butterflies this year. All colors and all sizes. I've lived in California, Wyoming, Iowa and Arkansas and have never seen this many butterflies in so many colors in one season.
Could this have anything to do with the past winter, or possibly the coming winter?
1 October 2003 - From: Ruth, West Texas
When I was small my grandmother used to forecast the first freeze by when the first cool front blew in. I do not remember how many days after the front that the freeze would hit. Do you have any information?
Here in Lexington, KY the squirrels are building their nests way out from the trunks this year. It is like I have never seen. They have always built their nests nestled against the trunk in the crotch of a large limb. This year they're way out from the trunk on the ends of small limbs, in most cases much closer to the ground than I have ever seen. I would like to know what this means. There has to be a weather related reason. I guess we will find out.
20 September 2004 - From Carol.
To answer the question from Kentucky regarding squirrels building their nexts low - when they build high and close to the trunk, expect a harsh winter with lots of snow - when they build low and away from the trunk, winter will be mild.
A visitor asks a question about a statement that they have heard for the first time this spring. It is "When the Silver Maple trees don't produce any helicopter seeds, will it be a poor growing season or a poor harvest?" Here in northern Illinois, the Silver Maples did not produce any seeds this year.
29 Sep 2002 - My husband and I can't remember if seeing a lot of skunks out in early fall meant a bad winter or a mild one and seeing a lot of black fuzzy caterpillars too. We have seen a lot of these this year. I live in Nutrioso, Arizona and we use to have a lot of snow every winter and got very cold -20 degrees. But for the last 10 years or so we have had mild winters so we try to predict when we will get our harsh winters back. Does anyone know anything about skunks or caterpillars?
11 Oct 2002 - We live in Parkersburg, WV and have noticed an unusual bumper crop of pine cones & walnuts. We have suffered a mild drought this summer. Do you know if there is any folk lore re: unusual increase in pine cones & walnuts?
29 Nov 2002 From: Linda, Indiana -
I would like to see if any of the contributors know how to forecast winter snow by where the wasps make their nests. I thought some farmer friends had said that if you find wasp nest near the ground, there wouldn't be much snow - but if the wasps are building nests higher up - then expect a lot of snow. My sister thinks I have it backwards.....any feedback would be appreciated.
The weather producing a bumper crop of walnuts is also conducive to producing children. Approximately nine months after there were bumper crops of walnuts, there were then bumper crops of illegitimate children!!!   Details
19 Jul 2002 - From: Randy
I surf into your site this morning or the site that u design. U have a very nice and very informative i like it lot. I love weather folklore i personally believe and follow it. I do have a question that i hope that u can answer for me please. I live in Paris, Tennessee and for some reason this year. I have live here all of my life. I am 40 years of age and i have never seen . The like of Hornet nest began built right on the side of peoples house this years. My brother works for the city and he has had so many calls that he can barely keep up. It this a weather sign if u could find out for me i would be truly thankful.
8 Feb 2002 - From: Peter
I am trying to trace the rhyme about the months. All I can remember is something about 'February fill-dyke'. I'll carry on looking, but if anyone can point me to it I'd be grateful.
26 Feb 2001 From: Betty
I enjoyed your site. A lady in her late 80's said to me "When we get an early snow, like October 21, it will snow 21 times that winter" Have you heard of this? The year we got an early snow like that, it did snow about that many times. We live in Washington State - west side of the Cascades. Keep up with your info.   Go Back