New Zealand

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The Maori Fishing Calendar is published in various forms in New Zealand. The Maori (and many other Pacific peoples) found that on certain days of the lunar cycle, fishing was better than at other times. These days are mainly the few days surrounding the New Moon.

Many people are quite convinced that, on balance, you will catch more "fish per unit effort" on a day when the Maori calendar predicts good fishing weather, than on other days. See World Tides for more information.

From Stan - On the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand where they get 200 inches of rain a year. "If you look out the window and the mountains seem close, it's a sure sign that rains not far away. If you look out and you can't see the mountains, it's already raining!"
From Gene - Here in New Zealand many farmers and outdoorsy people refer to a longrange weather website called Predict Weather. It is all about the effect of the moon on the weather and mostly more accurate than the metservices.