The Wills Family History Convention - 2010

Newsletter No.1

It is now six years since our Wills Family History Get-together in March, 2003.

Tom, Max and I all felt that to be a huge success and certainly the number of requests we received asking about another one led us to believe that you all had found it worthwhile.

Sadly Max is no longer with us. His generosity in sharing his research undertaken in the 1980's helped so many people (including myself). Since the get-together, an enormous amount has been achieved in knowledge of the different Wills families, and Tom has made a huge contribution by constantly amending his web-site and by referring people to others who may be able to assist them.

Next year is the 150th anniversary year of the beginning of the Burke and Wills expedition. Tom and I feel that this is a good excuse to hold another get-together, and hope you will be interested in coming. We have had the assistance of a small group of Wills descendants in the initial stages of the planning, and appreciate their help.

In 2010 the get-together will be held in a more central location, easily accessible by public transport, and a much larger hall than last time.

There are two aims for this get-together:

The first aim will be assisted with a Guest Speaker from the Burke and Wills Historical Society. This Society has been involved with "sorting out the wheat from the chaff" - i.e. what is fact and what is myth.

The in 2003, family trees of the many Wills families in Australia will be displayed, along with any photos or memorabilia that descendants may wish to display. There will be guest speakers on aspects of researching, and advice on not-so-well-known web sites that can prove helpful. It is also a chance for each of the families just to get together to meet each-other for exchange of information and gossip.

DATE: Sunday 7th March, 2010
VENUE: Collingwood Town Hall, 140 Hoddle Street, Abbottsford, Melbourne
TIME: 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

And so, finally, three big questions

1)... Are you interested in attending this event?  
Please let us know your initial reaction.
We aim to send out monthly newsletters and need you to let us know if you wish to receive them, and also need an early indication whether there is much interest. Email either Pam Sullivan or Tom Wills

2)... Are you willing and able to assist with the planning of this function - no matter where you live? We need people to contact community radio stations, talk to people about the event, research on the web, and provide us with information on local family history groups, historical societies, and any other means of getting the news out there. Do you work in a company that designs and prints posters? Would they be prepared to do some posters for us at a discount price? Email either Pam Sullivan or Tom Wills

3)... Can you assist with a contribution towards the event? We may be able refund all or part of the contribution at the end, but we, the planning group, are a small group of individuals who would appreciate any help you can give in this way. Email either Pam Sullivan or Tom Wills

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