William T. Wills - Clock

On the 14th June 2010 I received an email which stated:-
I have an old clock that appears to have William T. Wills engraved on the dial.

I bought it about 10 years ago in Carlsbad CA. USA at a clock shop. If memory serves me well, it came from a woman's estate, with no details. It is branded Durfee and this link provides the history of Walter H. Durfee .

This clock had some Spanish-American War newspaper pages inside of the weights so as to date the clock circa 1898. The two newspaper pages were wrapped around the lead weights as spacers and then covered the brass covers. They were dated 1902 and had no mention of Wm. Wills.

Just curious if this is at all significant to you and do you have any information to share. I'm not interested in selling this clock, just looking for information.

Clock face
Clock head
Clock full length

If you can provide any background to the history of this clock we would be pleased if you would contact the owner on this email address or the web-master by using the information on the right.