Descendants of William Hulme Wills

Second Generation

5. Ellen Wills (William Hulme ) was born on 7 Aug 1848 in Adelaide, SA. She died on 22 Feb 1901 in Swan St, Richmond, Vic.

The siblings of Ellen haven't been found, may have left with there father for London, may have ?

Ellen married James Henry Clarke on 13 Nov 1865 in Sandhurst (Bendigo), Vic. James was born about 1845 in Nottinghamshire, England. He died on 18 Nov 1924 in Armadale, Vic.

James Clarke has a mention in the 1888 book "Victoria and it's Metropolis: Past and Present" Volume 2 - page 513 "He was married at twenty years of age to the youngest daughter of Mr. William Hulme Wills, of London, and has a family of two sons and four daughters living, the eldest daughter being married. "

This could mean he was either back in London or came from London ?

James and Ellen had the following children:

  7 F i Elizabeth Clarke was born on 4 Sep 1867 in Sandhurst (Bendigo), Vic. She died on 24 Aug 1942 in Kew, Vic.
  8 M ii James Henry Clarke was born on 25 Mar 1869 in Sandhurst (Bendigo), Vic. He died on 30 Mar 1869 in Sandhurst (Bendigo), Vic.
  9 M iii James William Clarke was born on 13 Jun 1870 in Sandhurst (Bendigo), Vic.
+ 10 M iv Arthur John Clarke
  11 F v Ellen Emma Clarke was born on 14 Jul 1874 in Richmond, Vic.
  12 F vi Annie Clarke was born on 27 Jul 1876 in Richmond, Vic. She died on 18 Nov 1951 in Victoria.
  13 F vii Florence Mabel Clarke was born on 14 Nov 1881 in Richmond, Vic. She died in 1947 in Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ.

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