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It is not what you ask a search engine that gets results,
it is the way that you ask it, especially in researching your family tree.

In searching for a person there are several rules to apply.

  • It is essential to enter their name in this format "christian name surname".
  • Enter it in lower case with the christian name and the surname enclosed in inverted commers. "robert smith"
  • This causes the search engine to only report any exact matches to the phrase. If you do not use the inverted comas the search engine will report any site with robert and smith in it but not necessarily as a persons name. The reference could be to Robert Jones a silver smith.
  • When you enter your query in lower case the search engine reports both upper and lower case matches.
  • If the first search does not produce results that you require try alternative christian names e.g. for "robert smith" try "bob smith" or shortened forms such as bob, thos, ptk and wm in place of robert, thomas, patrick and william.
  • Typing the family name followed by the word "genealogy" may turn up entire sites that are relevant to your family tree.
  • If your receive a large number of URLs from your search, you need to provide more information to screen out sites that are not relevant. Firstly try adding australia and plus signs. The search would now be +"robert smith" +australia. If that does not succeed try the name of the town or suburb where this ancestor lived or worked. +"robert smith" +homebush.
  • The plus sign instructs the search engine to only show results that contain both "robert smith" and australia. It is essential to enter the plus sign as the first entry as well as before each other item. This can be extended by adding further + or minus signs. +"robert smith" +homebush +doctor -melbourne -music

Searching an individual Web page

To search this, or any other web page, hold down the Ctrl key (lower left corner of the Key board) and press the "F" key. A "Find" window will open, similar to the one below. Type in one of the Christian names you are seeking and continue pressing the Enter key as the search proceeds through the list. Also try entering the required year of birth or death in the Find window for more searching.
An image of a Find window.

Searching the Wills Family pages

This search engine is designed to search my internet pages at
My pages also contain information on Folklore Weather Forecasting, Boating, Proverbs and others subjects therefore you may find an unusual answer to your search.
But try it any way, the worst that can happen is that you will not find anything.
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Searching the Entire Internet

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