Wills Surname Immigrant Index
for Port Phillip, 1839-96

Transcribed by Dale McDonell, Heathcote, Victoria.

Transcriber's note: This index covers only those that emigrated directly to the Port Phillip (Victoria) region of Australia, and arrived as intending permanent residents. It does not include those that stated they were coming for a visit or a look around, and later decided to settle here permanently. Many landed in ports in other Australian colonies and either overlanded or used the thriving coastal shipping services to move to their eventual destinations within the country. Some arrived in Port Phillip and promptly left for other colonies in Australia. During the 1850's, ship's captains were reluctant to enter any port in the Port Phillip District for fear their crews would desert and head for the rich goldfields.

It is therefore highly probable that your WILLS ancestors known to have settled in this area in the 1850's, landed in another of the colonies. These full indexes, with search facilities are available online from http://www.users.on.net/~proformat/auspass.html. Unlike the search results from the website for a ten year period, names are arranged alphabetically within their year of arrival in a given time frame. For ease of viewing, I have placed a line break at the end of each year. Line breaks also isolate obvious family sub-groups or probable relatives, arriving on the same ship, within each year, which are arranged within their own alphabetical order within the probable family group.

bvborn on voyage, in quarantine etc.pobparent(s) on board (listed separately)
dvdied on voyage, in quarantine etc.inftinfant



WILLSHenry & Hannah  Andromache18402143A  

WILLSWilliam  Westminster18412143A  

WILLSGeorge26Julindur18492135, 2459and family
WILLSGilbert9Julindur18492135, 2459and family
WILLSHarriet2Julindur18492135, 2459and family
WILLSJane15Julindur18492135, 2459and family
WILLSMary Anne33Julindur18492135, 2459and family
WILLSRobert34Julindur18492135, 2459and family
WILLSRobert12Julindur18492135, 2459and family

WILLSMary  Whitby18492144  
WILLSMary Jane  Sir George Seymour18492144  
WILLSThomas, Eunice  Osprey18492144and family

WILLSJames21Kate18502136, 2461  

WILLSAlfred22William & Mary18522136, 2463and wife
WILLSJemima20William & Mary18522136, 2463  
WILLSJohn19William & Mary18522136, 2463  
WILLSMary26William & Mary18522136, 2463and husband

WILLSJane4Hydaspes18522136, 2463and family
WILLSJohn32Hydaspes18522136, 2463and family
WILLSJohnInft.Hydaspes18522136, 2463and family
WILLSLucy8Hydaspes18522136, 2463and family
WILLSNanny34Hydaspes18522136, 2463and family
WILLSNanny12Hydaspes18522136, 2463and family

WILLSCharlotte27Lady Ann18542137, 2466  
WILLSWilliam26Ellenborough18542137, 2466  

WILLSAlice4Sultana18552137, 2471and family
WILLSCharles40Sultana18552137, 2471and family
WILLSFrank7Sultana18552137, 2471and family
WILLSFrederick9Sultana18552137, 2471and family
WILLSMary36Sultana18552137, 2471and family
WILLSRichard13Sultana18552137, 2471and family

WILLSCatherineInft.Tartar18572138, 2476and family
WILLSElijah25Tartar18572138, 2476and family
WILLSMary21Tartar18572138, 2476and family

WILLSHannah43Herefordshire18572138, 2475and family
WILLSHenry15Herefordshire18572138, 2475and family
WILLSPamber11Herefordshire18572138, 2475and family
WILLSThomas40Herefordshire18572138, 2475and family

WILLSHarriet18Mary Ann18572138, 2476or WELLS, H

WILLSSarah28Joshua18582138, 2477  

WILLSWilliam22Lady Milton18622139  

WILLSMatthew21Ironside18632139, 2481  

WILLSElizabeth12Devonport18682140, 2486and family
WILLSJessie5Devonport18682140, 2486and family
WILLSJohn34Devonport18682140, 2486and family
WILLSMary32Devonport18682140, 2486and family
WILLSMary A.11Devonport18682140, 2486and family
WILLSStewart9Devonport18682140, 2486and family
WILLSThomas7Devonport18682140, 2486and family

WILLSClara13Commonwealth18772140, 2488  
WILLSThomas18Commonwealth18772140, 2488  

WILLSHarry2Treveleyan18772140, 2488and family
WILLSJohn11Treveleyan18772140, 2488and family
WILLSJohn32Treveleyan18772140, 2488and family
WILLSMary31Treveleyan18772140, 2488and family
WILLSMinnie7Treveleyan18772140, 2488and family
WILLSRichard6Treveleyan18772140, 2488and family
WILLSSarah4Treveleyan18772140, 2488and family

WILLSPhillipa23Samuel Plimsoll18772140, 2488and family
WILLSPhillipa2Samuel Plimsoll18772140, 2488and family
WILLSSamuel24Samuel Plimsoll18772140, 2488and family
WILLSThomasInft.Samuel Plimsoll18772140, 2488and family

WILLSCharles23Hereford18782141, 2489  

WILLSGeorgeInft.Hawkesbury18782141, 2489and family
WILLSHarry20Hawkesbury18782141, 2489and family
WILLSHelen24Hawkesbury18782141, 2489and family

WILLSCharles1Clyde18792141, 2490and family
WILLSEmily25Clyde18792141, 2490and family
WILLSGeorge34Clyde18792141, 2490and family
WILLSGeorge E.6Clyde18792141, 2490and family

WILLSArthur20Hereford18822142, 2493and wife
WILLSEmma18Hereford18822142, 2493and husband

WILLSAmelia19Samuel Plimsoll18832142, 2494  
WILLSElizabeth23Samuel Plimsoll18832142, 2494  

WILLSAlfred16Cambodia18842142, 2495  
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