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Migrant Ship - 'Champion of the Seas'

If you are interested in the migration of our ancestors from the United Kingdom to Australia by sailing ship then obtain a copy of the book The Champion of the Seas written by Rod Fraser who was involved in researching his family history and became sidetracked into writing this book.

Why you should read it :
  • It is the story of one ship "Champion of the Seas" which made 15 trips to Australia with migrants.
  • The voyages cover the period October 1854 to December 1868.
  • It has an alphabetical list of the 5,300 passengers, with some detail, carried in those 15 voyages.
  • Full crew lists for 5 of the voyages.
  • Full text of 19 issues of the newspaper published on-board.
  • Copies of newspaper reports of the ship and her voyages.
  • Several descriptions of passengers experiences.
  • And more
  • NOTE - I can't locate a Wills in all of those people. There is one Willis.

You should be able to locate a copy in your local library or book shop.

In your book shop quote them the name, author plus ISBN 0957720203 (pbk.)

In your library it will be filed under the Reference Number 387.542

You can check these details at the National Library of Australia.

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