Results of archive research for
Wills and similar names.

Results of archive researches for Wills
and similar names.
WILLS origin search Australasia - 27 Sept. 2002
Origin and History of the Wills Surname
The Story of Gold in Australia - From 1823 - 1963
Wills burials at various Australian Cemeteries
Wills Arrivals in Australia from Gloucestershire
Sailing Ships that carried our ancestors to Australia
A Talk by Pamela Sullivan at the 2009 Burke and Wills Historical Society Convention, Royal Society of Vic. Melbourne. Sunday 3rd May 2009.
The Wills Family History Convention - 2010
An index of 500 Wills arrivals by ship to Victoria - 1852 - 1923
Victorian Prisoner Index 1850 to 1900
Supreme Court Sessions November - 1850-1865
Gibson Index of 19th Century Watch House Charge Books
Wills's listed on the 1856 Victorian Electoral Roll.
Maryborough and District Hospital Admissions - 1865 - 1970.
Immigrant Index for Port Phillip - 1839-96.
Mt Alexander (Castlemaine) District Directory of Old Settlers and Residents
Port Phillip District 1849 Electoral Roll
Electoral List Sandhurst & Districts 1856
The Gold Mining Days In Central Victoria
Missing Friends Index - Argus Newspaper (Vic) 1851 - 1853
Sandhurst (Later Bendigo) Advertiser Personal Notices 1854 -1880.
Index of Deserters of Wives and Children, Victoria 1880-1885
Probate Index Victoria 1853- 1909
Probate Index Victoria 1910- 1919
Probate Index Victoria 1920- 1929
Births Deaths & Marriages Notices Argus Newspaper 1861-65
South Australia
South Australia (Adelaide) Census 1841
New South Wales
The First Fleet 1788 - Convicts, sailors and marines
WILLS Index of Assisted Immigrants 1839-1896
Wills Deaths Index 1969-2003 Country N.S.W.
Snippets of Wills info
Western Australia
The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board of Western Australia.
Devon, England
Wills Landowners from Around Devon in 1855
Wills Monumental Inscriptions - Lustleigh, Devon, England
St.Andrews Church graveyard, Moretonhampstead, Devon, England
The Wills Familes of Devon, England

We need your assistance. - By Dale McDonell, 12 June 2003
Within the next week, Tom should have quite a few new transcriptions available on line here, mainly covering Victoria, Australia. Ian Wills and myself have been trundling around collecting data.

There are numerous records for other States on microfiche which I'd love to be able to access, so I thought I'd share my methods of transcribing. Hopefully it might motivate those from areas, other than Victoria, to also contribute data for all WILLS researchers to share. Personally, there are many NSW and South Aust., records I'd love to see, but have great difficulty in accessing from where I live in Victoria.

Whenever I check any indexed material in my hunt for an elusive WILLS or other surname branches of my tree, rather than laboriously copying details by hand and risk errors, I use a photocopier or microfiche photocopier. At four or five pages for AUD$1, it is well worth it. Later, in the peace and quiet at home, I transcribe what I've found directly into a Word document set on html and send it off to Tom for addition to this site. He can then cut and paste directly into his web page layout. I keep a record of those publications, fiche etc., which I have already checked.

Using this method, I can harvest far more information at one visit to a research centre than I could if I tried to transcribe on the spot, and it is likely to be far more accurate. I also find it easier to digest and analyze when I have a hard copy in front of me at home. I can compare one record with another and slowly build a clearer picture of what was happening to the WILLS bods during a given period.

It takes little extra effort and expense to harvest info of possible benefit to others whilst hunting for one elusive WILLS. I'm grateful to the www for the hours of pleasurable research in which I can indulge for the cost of a 'phone call. I'm pleased to be able to "do my bit" too and contribute info that might help others one day.

If Tom, Ian and others can provide so much free help for all of us, isn't it only fair that we all try and contribute any scraps of information within our local reach? If you don't feel confident in transcribing, then please take copies home and scan and send them to someone else who will be happy to do the transcribing. I for one, will volunteer and I'm sure there are others.

Don't forget to hunt for the common WILLS surname variants too and harvest the WILLS, MILLS, WELLS, WILLIS etc., even whilst researching an entirely different surname.