The First Fleet - 1788

Much work has been done on compiling lists of the convicts transported on the first fleet to arrive in Australia. However little seems to be known of the sailors that manned the ships or the marines that came to guard the prisoners.

A search of the convict lists does not locate any by the name of WILLS, WELLS or WILLIS. There is one MILLS as follows.

Mathew/John MILLS/HILL
He was tried at Oxford, Oxfordshire on 30 July 1783 for highway robbery with a value of 31 shillings. He was sentenced to transportation for 7 years having been originally sentenced to death, and left England on the "Friendship" aged about 24 at that time (May 1787). He had no occupation recorded.

Notes: Guilty of return from transport following the Mercury mutiny. Report from Dunkirk hulk was “ troublesome at times”.

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