Wills Monumental Inscriptions
Lustleigh, Devon, England

A detailed index of Wills's found at St. John's Baptist church graveyard at Lustleigh in Devon. To make it that bit easier for researching, I have included from what I could read on the graves some relations names to the deceased. Hoping this index will be of some help to our Wills's here in Australia and anywhere else. Index was complied in September 2003. Unfortunately because of age some Wills headstones were unreadable. Compiled by Ian Wills.
Name of deceasedAgeRelationsDate Grave location number
Wills, Alice Babbacombe23 1900Lust / Wi 2k
Wills, Bessie br Tom. T.  
Wills, Charles45w, Elizabeth17-09-1860Lust / Wi 3t
Wills, Charles Germon71w, Gertrude24-08-1941Lust / Wi 2o
Wills, Charles Leigh Drake p. charles & Gertrude Lust / Wi 2p
Wills, Charles Pearce Germon74 1975Lust / Wi 2n
Wills, Elizabeth h, Charles29-09-1881Lust / Wi 3t
Wills, Elizabeth77p. John & Susan15-05-1929Lust / Wi j
Wills, Elizabeth77h, John30-03-1925Lust /Wi h
Wills, Elizabeth43f, Thomas17-09-1789 
Wills, Elizabeth32h, John21-01-1780Lust / Wi 3x
Wills, Emma Jane72 31-10-1972Lust / Wi f
Wills, Francis67 04-09-1886Lust / Wi 1c
Wills, George67 25-01 1792Lust / Wi 3z
Wills, George49w, Mary Jane21-10-1882Lust / Wi 3s
Wills, George jnr41s, George William10-04-1842Lust / Wi 1e
Wills, George631st wife, Maria- 02 18??Lust / Wi 3r
Wills, George34 29-11-1875Lust / Wi 1a
Wills, George78w, Mary25-09-1847Lust / Wi 1b
Wills, George William1yr 9mths f, George03-03-1842Lust /Wi 1e
Wills, Gertrude81h,Charles Germon04-11-1949Lust / Wi 2o
Wills, Henry w, Emma27-11-1917Lust / Wi f
Wills, Joanna88 28-11-1803Lust / Wi 3u
Wills, John47 19-05-1791Lust / Wi 3y
Wills, John87w, Elizabeth13-09-1932Lust / Wi h
Wills, John66w, Susan22-03-1886Lust / Wi j
Wills, John60 sis, Sarah19-04-1828Lust / Wi g
Wills, John24 12-10-1931 
Wills, John Howard Germon79 1978Lust / Wi 2n
Wills, Joseph10p, George & Mary04-02-1781Lust / Wi 3w
Wills, Louisa6 weeks p, Charles &Eliz.05-01-1857Lust / Wi 3t
Wills, Maria31h, George06-08-1840Lust / Wi 3r
Wills, Mary40h, George05-11-1871Lust / Wi 3w
Wills, Mary56h, George24-06-1837Lust / Wi 1b
Wills, Mary Babbacombe50h, Thomas24-09-1888Lust / Wi 2q
Wills, Mary Jane68h, George30-05-1912Lust / Wi 3a
Wills, Mary Louisa63 11-08-1936Lust / Wi 2m
Wills, Robert Henry82 08=09-1892Lust / Wi 1c
Wills, Sarah78b,John25-03-1850Lust / Wi g
Wills, Susan88h,John13-12-1903Lust / Wi j
Wills, Thomas   Lust / Wi 3v
Wills, Thomas68w, Mary Babbacombe18-11-1891Lust / Wi 2q
Wills, Thomas  18-11-1891 
Wills, Tom.T89sis,Bessie03-1893 
Wills, William37sis, Bessie07-05-1839 

  Created 10 February 2004 by Tom Wills