Snippets of Wills info might help someone.

Posted by Dale
Following are two snippets of information I've acquired. Still ambivalent about the second one being mine, but here they are for all to share:

From The Queenslander, Saturday, June 30, 1888

WILLS-PEIRSON-- On the 27 June, at Holy Trinity Church, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, by the Rev. John SPOONER, M.A., of Sydney, George Frederick, third son of Richard Sydenham WILLS, of Seaton, Devon, England, to Mary Isabella May, eldest daughter of Joseph PEIRSON, of Brisbane. No Cards

NSW Marriage Certificate:

Marriage: 27 June 1871
Balabla Station.


Family name: WILLS.
Christian or given name(s): William Hulme

Occupation: Shepherd
Place of Residence: Balabla Station

Conjugal Status: Widowed
Place of Birth: Dunwich, England (which is in Suffolk)
Date of Birth: Not stated
Age: 49

Father's Name: John WILLS
Mother's Name: Mary - (blank)


Family name: HUBBERT
Christian or given name(s): Mary

Occupation: - (blank)
Place of Residence: Balabla Station
Conjugal Status: Widowed
Place of Birth: Liverpool, England.
Date of Birth: Not stated
Age: 47

Father's Name: James DAVIS
Mother's Name: Bridget SULLIVAN

Celebrant: George Grimson, Officiating Minister
Rites: The Presbyterian Church

Witnesses: William CALDWELL

Registering 'Author'ity: W.F. Parker, District Registrar
27 June 1871

The age of the groom, William Hulme Wills seems to tally with the following christening on the IGI, but it's a long way from Suffolk to Newington, Surrey, which is now part of Greater London!

William Hulme WILLS
Sex: M
Christening: 22 June 1820
Saint Mary, Newington, Surrey, England
Father: John WILLS
Mother: Mary - (blank)
Batch number C055631

This William had siblings also christened in Newington and some in a nearby parish.

Hope this helps someone.