Wills burials at various Australian Cemeteries

Melbourne General Cemetery - Carlton, Victoria.
Established 1853

Wills Burials Index - Total 90 - Index from 1854 - 1978
WILLSCE*LL*C*570 05/02/1866
WILLSOD*E*C*90 01/03/1863
WILLSAgnes R*C*W*C*47448 17/02/1873
WILLSAgnes S WES*A*12 7725/03/1874
WILLSAlbertCE*W*3948mths 23/02/1884
WILLSAlfred LWES*F*8584315/04/1931
WILLSAlice MRC*DD*17620/05/1941
WILLSAlice MayRC*FF*616905/10/1965
WILLSAlice RichardCE*BB*1116A 75 09/11/1944
WILLSAnnieWES*A*596 5 16/04/1861
WILLSAnnie UND*C*C*10267 10/11/1955
WILLSAnnieRC*H* 44153 02/04/1881
WILLSBabe PUB*UND*F07/07/1978
WILLSBabe PUB*UND*F10/03/1978
WILLSBabe PUB*UND*F* 14/04/1976
WILLSBabe PUB*UND*B09/05/1975
WILLSBabe PUB*UND*B17/07/1974
WILLSBabe PUB*UND*M27/01/1966
WILLSBertha BBAP*A*7347218/01/1909
WILLSCaroline CE*HC*49407/03/1857
WILLSCharles CE*U*4293505/05/1892
WILLSCharlotte SophiaIND*A*391 84 07/02/1951
WILLSEdith MCE*W*3946mths13/09/1890
WILLSElizabethWES*B*C*195 06/03/1856
WILLSElizabeth ACE*W*3945810/02/1913
WILLSEllen M BAP*D*404mths28/01/1884
WILLSElsie Dora MaudCE*LL10*2*127723/01/1968
WILLSErnest FIND*A*3916206/11/1926
WILLSEthelBAP*A*734 5013/01/1928
WILLSFrances M IND*A*2212330/11/1908
WILLSFrancis JPRE*L*3473mths20/09/1881
WILLSFrancis WIND*A*2214620/04/1892
WILLSFrancis WIND*A*2219mths25/04/1889
WILLSGeorge ThomasRC*FF*616304/01/1961
WILLSHarriet EPRE*O*14974822/08/1889
WILLSHenryWES*H*642 2916/07/1883
WILLSHenryIND*E*3 2631/05/1889
WILLSJames BCE*W*3947919/12/1925
WILLSJames FIND*A*3926016/05/1891
WILLSJames GCE*DD*1246 6309/11/1886
WILLSJames HenryCE*I*C*10521/08/1856
WILLSJohnCE*EE*1143 4702/01/1873
WILLSJohn G WES*A*126515/04/1902
WILLSJoseph JWES*B*552 4hrs31/01/1869
WILLSJoy RC*U*4016mths23/05/1925
WILLSKate IND*A*2217030/08/1932
WILLSKate AmeliaWES*A*127wks05/12/1854
WILLSKenneth Gregory
WILLSMargaret BCE*W*3988102/07/1901
WILLSMartha DeborahCE*IC*10528/11/1856
WILLSMary A WES*K*40214 days23/01/1895
WILLSMary Kathryn
WILLSPercival GWES*B*55212mths20/02/1871
WILLSPercival J CE*W*39819mths06/09/1881
WILLSPercyRCU*441 5519/05/1941
WILLSPhillip JohnWES*F*8586903/08/1943
WILLSRichard CEW*3987210/01/1922
WILLSSelina DIND*A*2207018/08/1892
WILLSSelina JIND*A*2203519/03/1884
WILLSSophia M CE*DD*12467029/04/1892
WILLSThomas DWES*H*9983630/12/1930
WILLSWilliam John CE*V* 2720/01/1863
WILLSWilliam SimonCE*LL*10*2*126114/10/1960
WILLSWilliam VCE*BB*1116A6412/09/1935

This index was transcribed on 25/09/2005 from the Cemetery Records held in the main office of the Melbourne General Cemetery in Carlton, Victoria. Approval was given for the purpose of family tree research. The complete index is available on C.D. and can be purchased from them. Approximately 119,600 burials in total are on the index in this cemetery.

A very detailed map of all graves is available at the main office. For further information on any burials, codes and locations click on this enquiries@necropolis.com.au email address.

The Melbourne General Cemetery in Carlton was officially opened in early 1853 with the old cemetery being where the Victoria Market is today. The first burial was that of John Burnett, a colonial merchant. He was buried on the 28th May 1853.

The earliest Wills burial took place on the 5 Dec 1854 with the most recent being on the 7 July 1978. Many important people of note have been buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery. For this index view the cemetery website.

The most famous burial was that of the explorer WILLIAM JOHN WILLS. In the book \93The Journey of Burke and Wills\94 published by the Guild of St.Lawrence in Ashburton, Devon, England it states that WILLS died about the 28th June and Burke died about the 1st July in 1861.

At that time Dr.Wills ( William\92s father ) and the general public were becoming anxious for the safety of Burke and Wills. Many letters had been written to the committee with no reply. He then walked from Ballarat to Melbourne (75miles) to demand a search party be sent to find the expedition.

By this time the press was in full cry as a search party of four lead by Alfred Howitt, an experienced explorer set out on the 26th June 1861 on Cobb\92s coach for Swan Hill on route for Coopers Creek. Eventually they met some aborigines near Innaminka and not long after the tragic news struck them. Both Burke and Wills were dead with the only survivor of the expedition being John King. When King was strong enough, he returned to Melbourne with Howitt\92s party.

The committee then decided that Burke and Wills should be buried in Melbourne, so Howitt was asked to return and disinter the bodies. The funeral of Burke and Wills took place on the 20th January 1863.

The Burke and Wills memorial can be located at the corner of First and Second Avenue in the Church of England section not far from inside the main entrance gate. A monument has also been erected for William John Wills back in his home town of Totnes in Devon. John King, the only survivor of the expedition was also buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery and his impressive grave is located in the Wesleyan section. Area A-Grave no. 339.

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