Sandhurst (Later Bendigo) Advertiser Newspaper
Personal Notices 1854 -1880.

Transcribed by Dale McDonell.
Transcriber's note: This covers the paid birth, marriage and death notices appearing in the Advertiser of Sandhurst (Bendigo) for the relevant period. It must be pointed out that only those who could afford to lodge advertisements, are included. Those down on their luck, without friends to inform or impress, or without education, would be unlikely to utilise paid advertisements in any newspaper.

20 March 1861
On the 19th instant in the Wesleyan Parsonage, Sandhurst, by the Rev. James Bickford. Mr. John WILLS of Golden Square, to Miss Julia THOMAS formerly of Cornwall, England
11 March 1863
On the 10th instant in the Wesleyan Church, Golden Square, by the Rev. G. Daniel. Mr. J.B. DAVIES, of Happy Valley, to Grace, eldest daughter of Mr. E. WILLS, of Golden Square.
18 March 1864
On the 17th instant at St. Peters Church, Sandhurst, by the Rev. A. Bazier. R. WILLS of Eaglehawk, eldest son of R. Wills, Queens County, to Florence KIDD, youngest daughter of Oliver Kidd, County Tyrone.
6 January 1871
On the 29 December at the Wesleyan Church, Golden Square by the Rev. W.L. Blamires. Edward WILLS jun, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late William WOOD of the Yorkshire Hotel, High Street.
17 July 1871
On 14th July by the Rev. Andrew Cameron, Presbyterian Church. Harriet WILLS, third daughter of Robert WILLS, Timahoe, Queens County to Joe Henry MARSH, second son of Joseph William Marsh, Sheffield, York, England
31 October 1878
On the 21st of October by the Rev. A.T. Glasson. William BEEBE to Sarah Ann (Annie) WILLS, both of Sandhurst.
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Non-advertised Transcriber's ancestor married Sandhurst (Bendigo):

On the 13th November by Rev. James Nish at the Presbyterian Church, at the head of Wattle Street. Ellen WILLS, second daughter of Mr. William Helm WILLS, formerly of London, Sydney and Adelaide, recent resident of Sandhurst where his wife still resides, and James Henry CLARKE, butcher of Sandhurst, second surviving son of the late PGM Mr. Arthur John Clarke of the Shamrock Hotel, Epsom, formerly of Nottingham, England and Calais, France. The groom was born in Nottingham, England, the bride in Adelaide, Sth. Australia.

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6 February 1872
On 31st January. Mr. John WILLS, Golden Square of a son. Both doing well.
6 January 1874
On 4th January, the wife of Mr. John WILLS, Golden Square, of a daughter.
13 April 1876
On the 31st March at the Temple Court Hotel, Pall Mall. Mrs. John WILLS, of a daughter - both doing well.
16 July 1878
On the 10th July at the Temple Court Hotel, the wife of John WILLS, of a son.
November 1880
On the 15th November at the residence of her father Mr. Charles EDWARDS, McLaren Street. Mrs. F. WILLS of twin daughters.
13 July 1872
On the 12th July at Golden Square, Edward WILLS, late of Fitzroy, Melbourne. Aged 52 years, after a short illness.
16 July 1878
On the 14th July at the Temple Court Hotel, the infant son of John and Mary WILLS
18 November 1880
On the 16th November at McLaren Street, the twin daughters of Frank and Emily WILLS.
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