Argus Newspaper Births Deaths & Marriages Notices 1861-65

Wills Surname and Variants

Victoria, Australia. Formerly colony of Port Phillip

Transcribed by Dale McDonell from microfiche indexes.
We understand that the original indexes were completed by the late Marion Button.
Please note: The transcriptions are as found on the microfiche. No further details are available from the transcriber. Many are truncated. You must go to the original sources from which these indexes were compiled (see reference dates of publication) for further details. The State Library of Victoria would be a good place to start. Italics in brackets with my initials are this transcriber's clarifying comments. E.g: (Bendigo. D.M.), (sic), etc.
d/o daughter of s/o son of w/o wife of
B Birth D Death M Marriage
Surname Given Name Argus Date Page Type Comments
WILLES James Mrs. 15 Jan 1862 4 B At Lostiford Cottages, Hawthorn. A son.
WILLIS Alfred w/o 10 May 1861 4 B At Walpole-Street Kew, a daughter
WILLIS Alfred w/o 19 Mar 1863 4 B At Kew, a daughter
WILLIS Alfred w/o 21 Mar 1863 4 B At Kew, a daughter
WILLIS Alfred w/o 14 Oct 1865 4 B At Tarnabulla, a daughter (? might be typo for Tarnagulla. DM.)
WILLIS Anna Maria 15 Mar 1861 4 M D/o James Willis, farmer, Euroa, to George Cadell, at Melb. (Melbourne. DM)
WILLIS Deborah Charlotte 14 Aug 1862 4 M D/o the Rev Thomas Willis, to Francis William Henry Petrie
WILLIS Elias 17 Nov 1864 4 D At his father's, Grosvenor-Street, Sth Yarra, 19 yrs
WILLIS Frances Emily 11 Jun 1863 4 M D/o the late John Willis, Hobart, to Alexander Gray
WILLIS Frederick w/o 12 May 1863 4 B A son
WILLIS George 05 Nov 1864 4 D At Caroline-Street, Sth Yarra, of Crown Lands Dept.
WILLIS George 05 Nov 1864 8 F Buried Melbourne General Cemetery
WILLIS Infant son 03 Apr 1861 4 D Inquest at Campbellfield, s/o William & Ann Willis
WILLIS J.S. 20 Jan 1864 4 M S/o J. Willis, St. Kilda, to Mary Neil, at St. Kilda
WILLIS Naomi 25 Jul 1863 4 M D/o James Brand Willis, to Alfred John Taylor, at Sth Yarra
WILLIS Richard 01 Jul 1865 5 D Dropped down dead on board vessel at Mornington. Sailor
WILLIS Richard 9 May 1865 4 D At Hawthorn, s/o Thomas Willis, 17 yrs
WILLIS Samuel 12 Aug 1865 4 M To Cassandra Alice Wragge, at Melbourne
WILLIS Sarah 24 Jan 1863 4 M D/o J.D. Willis, late Cambridgeshire, to John Brewer
WILLIS T. Mrs 05 Jan 1863 4 B At Hawthorn, a daughter
WILLIS Thomas 01 Jan 1862 5 D? Accident by falling from horse, nr Tarraville Gipps Land
WILLS Alfred Currie 07 Jan 1861 4 M Police magistrate at Omeo, to Emma King at Launceston, Tas
WILLS Alfred Currie w/o 17 Oct 1861 4 B At Omeo, Police magistrate, a daughter
WILLS Alfred Currie w/o 02 Jul 1863 4 B Police magistrate, at Bright, Morse's Creek, a daughter
WILLS Alfred Currie w/o 4 Feb 1865 4 B At Morse's Creek, P.M., twin daughters, one still born
WILLS Annie 16 Apr 1861 4 D D/o Edward & Elizabeth Wills, aged 5 yrs 10 mths, at Fitzroy
WILLS Annie 16 Apr 1861 8 F D/o Edward, buried Melbourne General Cemetery
WILLS Annie 17 Apr 1861 8 F D/o Edward Wills, buried Melbourne General Cemetery
WILLS Charles 25 Mar 1862 4 D Inquest at Morang, boy
WILLS Elizabeth 15 Jul 1861 4 D At The Grosvenor Arms, St. Kilda, d/o Henry Chas & Mary, 3 yrs, 1 (sic)
WILLS Emily Spencer 12 Nov 1864 5 M D/o the late Horatio Spencer Wills, to Henry Colden Antill, marri (sic)
WILLS J.F. w/o 26 Sept 1864 4 B At 54 Dorcas Street, Emerald-Hill, (now Sth Melbourne. DM.) a son
WILLS John 21 Mar 1861 4 M Of Golden Square (now part of Bendigo. DM.) to Julia Thomas, formerly of Cornwall, Eng
WILLS John 09 Apr 1864 4 D At Brighton-Road, St. Kilda, s/o Henry Chas & Mary Wills, 19 y
WILLS John 09 Apr 1864 8 F S/o Henry Chas Wills, buried St. Kilda General Cemetery
WILLS Korah Halcomb Mrs 04 Apr 1864 4 B Rowena-Parade, Richmond, of Fort Denison, a daughter
WILLS Louisa Jane 14 Dec 1864 4 D At Williamstown, d/o Maximillian & Louisa Wills, 3 yrs, 7 mths
WILLS Mrs 23 Oct 1862 8 F W/o late Thomas, of Chapel-Street, buried St. Kilda
WILLS W. w/o 05 April 1862 4 B At Napier-Street, Collingwood, a daughter
WILLS Of Burke & Wills 25 Nov 1861 4 D The Victorian exploring expedition
WILLS 09 Apr 1864 27 Nov 1861 5 D Mr. Wills's last letter to his father
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