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Wills Arrivals in Australia from Gloucestershire

Kaye Purnell at is researching arrivals of immigrants from Gloucestershire to Australia. She has kindly provided information on the Wills arrivals that she has located to date (November 2001).
You can see her home page at Gloucestershire Arrivals In Australia
  • This family: George WILLS, carpenter, bc1845 Bristol, parents William & Sarah, arrived with his wife Emily bc1854 Bristol, parents Edward VALENTINE & Ann, chn George E 6 and Charles 1 arrived as Assisted Immigrants per 1879 "Clyde" (Sydney NSW).
  • Eliza WILLS born Gloucestershire married 1857 Sydney NSW James YOUNG (bc1830 LKS); 1 child.
  • Charles WILLS born Gloucestershire married 1856 Adelaide SA Honora COFFEY (bc1838 KID); 9 chn.
  • Elizabeth (nee WILLS) HOSKING born Gloucestershire c1828 arrived 1856 "Alquis" (Port Adelaide SA) as assisted immigrants with her husband William aged 24 a miner.

These people arrived on the "William & Mary" Sydney 1852 (Assisted Immigrants)

  • John WILLS ag lab aged 19 of Lopen, SOMERSET parents Thomas & Ann MONKTON? (I think) living at Lopen.
  • Alfred 22 lab of Lopen, same parents, & Mary aged 26 of Lopen, parents James THOMAS & Ann CHICK, mother dead, father living at Lopen.

This is an extract from the LOPEN 1851 CENSUS, Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1928

The whole of the parish of Lopen
Pages 25
Persons 228 Male, 249 Female, 477 Total
Enumerator Thomas Fowler Page 1

RAISON Elizabeth 45 Weaver Lopen, Somerset.
Jane 18 Glover Dinnington
ENGLAND George, Lodger, 20, Ag. Lab., Lopen, Somerset.
WILLS John, Lodger, 18 , Ag. Lab., Lopen, Somerset.

WILLS Thomas, 45, Ag. Lab., South Petherton, Somerset.
Anne, 49, Martock,
James, 13, Ag. Lab., Lopen, Somerset.

WILLS Alfred, 22, Manufacturer Labourer, Lopen, Somerset.
Mary, 26, Weaver, Lopen, Somerset.
and Mary's family

THOMAS James, Widow/er, 64, Carpenter, Lopen, Somerset.
James, 18, Lopen, Somerset.
Anne , 18, Glover, Lopen, Somerset.

I am afraid I do not have very many entries for WILLS. You are most welcome to use this in any way you like. Regards