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Unassisted Immigration to Victoria
An index of 500 Wills arrivals by ship to Victoria

Ian Wills posted the following to the Wills Family Message Board on 31 January 2005.

The Public Record Office Victoria provides an index of about 500 Wills arrivals by ship to Victoria from England, New Zealand and Foreign Ports. It can be found on the webpage address below.

This is a good starting point for all those commencing family research but note these are unassisted arrivals (they paid their own fare). This index is from 1852 - 1923. Other records prior to 1852 can be found at your nearest Genealogy Centre in your State. Indexes of trips to and from the major Ports around Australia are on microfische at some of the larger lookup centres.

Click on the below link, type in the years between 1852 - 1923 to see the complete list. Hoping your ancestors are listed as they have all come out by ship at some stage. Good luck !!

The Public Record Office Victoria

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board of Western Australia.
It provides an index of deaths from around Western Australia and can be found on the web page below. The time span covered is between 1915 & 2004. This is a unique site as the data is right up to the current year. The webpage is Metropolitan Cemeteries Board Type in the surname Wills, click and away you go. There were about 75 Wills entries at the time of the creation of this page.
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