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Our motto is - Researchers helping researchers

The Wills Family web page was started with the idea of assisting people to contact others who were researching the Wills family.

It has managed to bring happiness, information and knowledge to people who have made a contact through its pages.

This page is a record of some of those expressions of joy.

  •   Thank you for your interest. It's good to have the information out there for others to use & add to. If I learn any more I'll send it on.
  •   Thought I might let you know that since listing my family tree on your web site, I have been contacted by quite a number of interested persons who have been rewarded by the information they have gained on their particular branch of the family. The most recent was from someone at the Manning Valley Historical Society who was writing a history of Bow Bow Creek. She had been puzzled why my great grandfather John Wills had been named a beneficiary in the will of William Middleton in 1856. Finding our family tree told her that John was a son of Ann Harris who had been assigned to be housekeeper to William Middleton even though he never lived at Bow Bow Creek. Her information also leads us to believe that William Middleton must have been the father of John's half sister Annie.. We knew that the father was not Ann's official husband who never came to Australia even though he was accredited with the deed on Annie's birth certificate.
    The purpose of my message is to thank you for the efforts you take to keep the site going. I am sure that other listed groups have a similar positive experience to me from the listing and I thought I should communicate with you as you would not be aware of these off-site communications. Best wishes.
  •   I want to thank Sandy Wills for helping me find my "Family", something I did't think I would ever have the oportunity to do. But to find I am a small part of such a large dynasty is fabulous, and to find all these great people after all these years is really very special to me. Thanks.
  •   I feel I owe you a great debt of gratitude for putting me in touch with my mother's cousin. The wonderful information he has so freely supplied has helped me so much. I feel ...... in not checking Wells as well as Wills on immigration records, especially as one of Charles and Elizabeth's children is on the birth index as Wells.
  •   It almost looks as though I am being dragged (screaming???) back into research of the Wills family. However we 'genealogists' get a kick out of obtaining new info don't we?
  •   I suppose I should say that my research into the Wills' families was sooooooo long agoooooo -- let's close it off! But! When I opened up my email today I found your welcome words and one each from .....(UK). It almost made me up tools and get stuck into more research. The missing link found! What more can I say?
  •   Apparently he had emigrated to Australia in 1860 and his descendants now form an entirely new branch of the Wills family. Almost like two distinct civilisations from different planets getting together !
  •   You are a gold mine of information. Thank you for your help.
  •   Bingo Tom!. That worked.
  •   I posted to their website asking if anyone knew how a certain first name arose in Alex's family that has continued down for six generations. Someone wrote and asked me which line ours descended from, and all hell broke loose! Apparently our lot are the lost family that people have been hunting for over twenty years. The hoo haa is because Alex g.g.grandfather was the last chieftain!!! He just vanished as far as anyone could discover. The mailbox is bulging. - NOTE. This was the spouse's family, not a Wills Family, but note the joy.
  •   . . . is on cloud nine I contacted her by email and now have sent her the text of the Wills History per email attached file.
  •   It is amazing how this last 12 months we have found two or three lost lines plus of course yourself, email and the internet being major contributors.
  •   I am so excited I don't know where to begin. I spent several hours today in at the family history rooms. Please find herein the results!!

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