Descendants of John Wills

First Generation

1. John Wills was born in 1825 in Heidelberg, Vic.

John married Agnus Walker in 1850. Agnus was born in 1829 in Heidelberg, Vic.

They had the following children:

  2 F i Charlotte Wills was born in 1851 in Heidelberg, Vic. She died in 1923 in Diamond Creek, Vic.
        Charlotte married Arthur Allen Rooks. Arthur was born in 1852 in Camps Endway, Cambridge, England. He died on 27 Dec 1917 in Diamond Creek, Vic.
  3 M ii John, jnr Wills was born in 1853 in Heidelberg, Vic.
  4 F iii Jane Wills was born in 1855 in Heidelberg, Vic.
  5 M iv Charles Wills was born in 1856 in Diamond Creek, Vic.
  6 M v James Wills was born in 1858 in Upper Plenty, Vic.
  7 M vi William Wills was born in 1860 in Mora, Vic.


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