The Boon Family Story

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JAMES BOON was born in Lilleshall, Shropshire, England in 1802 and baptised on 8th October 1802 in Lilleshall.

On 13th July 1824, aged 22 years, he sailed from Portsmouth, England, to Sydney, Australia, on the Convict Ship “Mangles 3” under Ship Master, John Coghill, with his brother, Richard, aged 27 years. Their native born place was Lilleshall/Newport, Shropshire and their trial took place at Salop Assizes, Shropshire, on 17th March 1824, resulting in a Life sentence for both. Along with 188 male convicts, they reached Port Jackson on 27th October 1824 after a journey of 106 days.

James, a labourer/sawyer/errand boy, was between 4 foot 11 ½ inches and 5 foot ½ an inch tall with a sallow/brown complexion, flaxen/light brown hair and chestnut/hazel eyes. He wore earrings, had an anchor with JB EB on his left arm, a mermaid (imperfect) on his right arm and was ‘pretty well’ on arrival. Richard, a fitter/sawyer, was 5 foot 5 inches tall with hazel eyes, brown hair, fair complexion and ‘well’ on arrival. They were both assigned to Doctor Redfern and distributed to Airds, NSW. The name of this suburb was chosen in the 1970’s in order to resurrect the original name for Campbelltown. In 1810, Governor Lachlan Macquarie had named what is now Campbelltown, 'Airds', in honour of his wife, Elizabeth's, family estate in Argyllshire but he changed it in 1820 to Campbelltown, Campbell being his wife's maiden name. On 28th November 1825, James and Richard were on a list of convict volunteers for Melville Island, forwarded by the ship “Phillip Dundas” and James returned to Sydney around 1829. He was granted a Ticket of Leave on 30th June 1829, allowing him to remain in the district of Parramatta. That ticket was later reissued on 26th May 1832, as the first was returned mutilated and so, cancelled.

James was later granted a Conditional Pardon on 20th July 1837 and then, aged 35 years, married a 20-year-old Irish girl named MARGARET HAYES in Sydney N.S.W. (There is a Margaret Hayes christening recorded in LDS records at St. Michael’s Limerick, Ireland, on 10th May 1815 with parents Peter Hayes and Kitty Hogan.)

James and Margaret first lived in Liverpool Street, Sydney and later 229 Sussex Street, Sydney (corner of Bathurst St.). James became a labourer/carter and died, aged 52 years, in Sussex St. Sydney, NSW on 25th July 1853 and was buried on 28th July 1853 in Leichhardt at the Balmain Cemetery. This cemetery now has a park over the old graves. Margaret died in Weston Street, Balmain on 3rd August 1886, aged 69 years from T.B. and was buried on 4th August 1886 in Balmain Catholic Cemetery. The informant was her son-in-law, Michael Moran from Weston Street, Balmain (husband of daughter, Ellen) and also a witness to her burial along with George W. Wyatt.

    Descendants of James Boon & Margaret Hayes.

JAMES THOMAS Click on a name.

JAMES THOMAS was born in 1839. On 27th June 1861, aged 21 and living in West Maitland, he married 18-year-old Jane McMullen, from Surry Hills, at the house of Mr William Halley of Buckingham Street, Sydney, according to the rites of the Presbyterian Church. Jane’s parents were Michael (a coach smith) and Elizabeth McMullen who lived at 122 Campbell St. Balmain. James was an upholsterer and is listed in the Insolvency Index as a Mattress Maker and Bedding Manufacturer who became insolvent on 12th June 1875. They lived at 124 Campbell St. Balmain. He died on 18th May 1880, aged 41 years, at 42 George Street West, Sydney, from an epileptiform convulsion, as a result of effusion on the brain. He was buried on 19th May 1880 at Balmain Cemetery and the informant was his brother-in-law, William John McMullen, who lived at 33 Lansdowne Street, Surry Hills. Jane remarried twice after James’ death and she died in Sydney in 1894. (Jane Mc Mullen/Boon/Otto/Wyatt). They had 10 children (8 below and 2 more deceased by 1880): -

*William J. born in Sydney 1862 died in Sydney1862.

*Emily E. born in Sydney 1864 who married John Daly in Sydney in 1883 and had: -

  1. Mary born in East Maitland in 1887.

  2. Edith M. born in east Maitland 1889 died in East Maitland 1890.

  3. Ellen born in East Maitland 1890 died in East Maitland 1890.

  4. Maud born in Waterloo who married Bernard Kavanagh in 1911 in Sydney.

  5. Violet M. born in Waterloo 1892 who married Frederick G. Lovett in Sydney in 1914 and had: -

  1. a. Fred who died in Auburn 1920

  2. Australia E. who died in Redfern in 1915.

  3. William G. who died in Balmain South in 1907.

  1. John F. born in Redfern 1895 died in Redfern 1895.

*Albert Edward born in Sydney 1865, with partner Rose had: -

i. Oswald James born in Burwood July 1st 1899 died in Auburn 1962 who married Sylvia J.R.Carter in Ashfield in 1929 and was a Private in Australian Army in WWII from 1940 to 1944.

ii. Claude Woodford born in Burwood 1902 died in Sydney1961.

*Fanny born in Sydney 1868 died in Newtown 1889 and was buried in Balmain cemetery. She had 1 child: -

  1. Henry (Harry) Turner Boon. born in Central Cumberland 1888 died in Wallsend on 17th March 1929. who married Jane Williams in Wallsend in 1910 who died in Wallsend 1966. They are both buried in Sandgate cemetery, Wallsend. They had: -

a. Henrietta born in Wallsend 1913 who married Frederick Latchem in Kurri Kurri 1934.

b. Dulcie Lorraine born in West Wallsend 1915 died in Wallsend 1977.

c. Beatrice E. born in West Wallsend 1918 who married John Frederick Barnes in Kurri Kurri 1943.

*James T. born in Balmain 1870 and christened in St. Andrews Cathedral, Sydney, died in Sydney1926. His mother Jane put him into an Orphan School in 1881, when he was 11 years old, because she still had 6 more children to look after when her husband Jamesdied in 1880, but he was returned to her care 4 months later. He married Dora C. Blake in Sydney in 1903 (who died at Ryde 1924) and had: -

i. Lillian C. born in Paddington 1904 died in Newtown 1905.

ii. Pearl R.. born in Newtown 1905 who married Walter B. Palmer in Petersham in 1926 who was born in Glebe in 1897, the son of John J. Palmer and Ambrosine.

iii. Rose D. who died in Ashfield 1910.

*Martha J. born in Balmain 1872 died in Ashfield 1942 who married Daniel Wyatt in Sydney in 1887 and had: -

  1. William Edgar born in Liverpool 1888 died in Marrickville 1958, who first married Edith M.C. Petts in 1906 in Albury N.S.W. then Lilla A. Holloway in Marrickville in 1910 and had: -

a. Doris G. who died in Ashfield 1933.

  1. Florence M. born in Ryde 1890.

  2. Leslie F. born in Adamstown 1892 died in Glebe1895.

  3. Pearly born in Burwood 1893 died in Burwood 1895.

  4. Mabel E. born in Burwood 1895 who married Reginald D. Simeon in Ryde in 1915 and had: -

a.Merle E. who died in Waverly 1931.

  1. Victor Roy born in Burwood 1898 died 1976 who married Elma M. Evans in Marrickville in 1927.

  2. Clarence D. born in Burwood 1901died in Ashfield 1961 who married Vera Hopkins in Glebe in 1919.

  3. Laurence Albion born Petersham 1906 died in Burwood 1973.

*Margaret born in Balmain 1874 died in Wallsend 1915 who married Thomas C. Mowbray in Newcastle in 1899 and had: -

i. Margaret E. in Charlestown 1904 who married Herbert S. Featherstone in Waratah in 1922.

*William Henry (Harry) - a labourer - was born on 20th July 1876 in Parramatta Street, Sydney. He was living in Mortlake when, at age 27, he married Hannah Maria Bugden, a 21-year-old dressmaker from Camden. The service was at All Saint’s Church of England, Parramatta on 1st August 1903. Hannah was born in Camden 9th September 1881and died in Burwood 14th August 1960. She was buried at the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood. Her parents were Austin Bugden (a labourer, whose family was brought to Australia from Wiltshire, England in 1838, aboard the ship ‘John McLellan’, under the bounty system, to work on James Macarthur’s sheep property at Camden) and Jane Carroll. William Henry (Harry) died of pneumonia, aged 60 years, on 22nd June 1937 in Western Suburbs Hospital, Croydon, Enfield and was buried on 24th June 1937 at the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. The informant was his son William Alfred of 2 Waimea Street, Burwood. They had 6 children: -

i ~William Alfred born 19th June 1907 died August 19th 1977.

ii ~Elsie Jane born 1909 died 6th December 1924.

iii ~Doris Fanny born 16th February 1911 died October 1949.

iv ~Henry James (Harry) born at Burwood on 13th August 1913 died on 11th August 1967.

v ~Mabel Florence (Mae) born 23rd August 1915 died on 3rd March 2006

vi ~Albert Frederick (Fred) born 3rd May 1921 died on 16th February 1995

THOMAS , a butcher, was born in Kent Street, Sydney on 21st December 1842. Father Murphy christened him ‘Thomas Bowen in St. Mary’s Cathedral on 3rd February 1843. He married Emily Francis Huxley in Sydney in 1875, who was born at Hawkesbury in 1849, lived at 63 London Street, Enmore in 1914 then “Grafton” Anglo Road, Campsie in 1921. She died 2nd July 1921 in Marrickville. Thomas died and was buried in Queensland on16th July 1886 (just 2 ½ weeks before his mother). His cause of death was Enteric Fever (Typhoid) as a result of perforation of the bowel. They had 7 children born in Balmain and probably went to Queensland after last born due to gold rush boom: -

*Emily F.H. born 1877 died 1915 in Newtown.

*Thomas born 1878 in Balmain, died 1930 in Marrickville was a clerk in the Lands Office, Grafton in 1922. Married Beatrice H. Wills on 30th July 1914 in Orange and had A Link to the Wills Family

i. John Richard who married Winfred May Lamb

ii. Beatrice Hinemoa who married John Frederick Barnes

iii. James A.

iv. Barbara B. born 23rd Nov. 1918 in Orange died 25th June 1923in Grafton.

v. Ariel who married John Darcy Peek.

vi. Lorna Laurel who married Benny Clare.

vii. Brenda Bernice born 28th March 1924 died 22nd May 1990 in Sydney.

viii. William Arthur

*John Richard born 1879. Enlisted in WWI on 31st August 1914, aged 35 years and Court of Enquiry in 1916 ruled he was Killed in Action on landing in Gallipoli Peninsula on 2nd May 1915.

*William A. born 1881 died 1882 in Balmain.

*Jessie Constance born 1882 died 1958 in Chatswood – single - was living in Anglo Road Campsie in 1921 with her sister Elizabeth.

*James A. born 1883 died 1884 in Balmain.

*Elizabeth Ellen born 1885 died 1935 in Marrickville – single - living in Anglo Road Campsie in 1921 with her sister Jessie.

MARGARET, was born in 1843 and married John Milton Bindon 1859 in Sydney. She died in 1929 in Marrickville. They had 6 children born in Sydney: -

*Susanna M. born 1861 died 1862 in Sydney.

*Emily born 1864 who married Hewrick Benecke 1885 in Sydney and died 1943 in Canterbury and had 6 children born in Sydney: -

i. Margaret E. born 1886 died 1923 in Canterbury.

ii. Amelia M. born 1888.

iii. Henry John born 1890 died 1941 in Canterbury.

iv. Robert Ernest born 1894 died 1974.

v. Lavina born 1897.

vi. Emily born 1902.

*Amelia Matilda born 1865 who married Charles W. Wells 1887 in Sydney and died 1942 in Sydney and had 3 children born in Sydney: -

  1. Emily M. born 1887.

  2. Robert J. born 1889 died 1889 in Sydney.

  3. Florence M. born 1892 who married Alexander Hooworth 1910 in Sydney and later James H. Bindon 1922 in Newtown.

*William Henry born 1867 died 1951 in Kempsey.

*Robert T. born 1869 who married Lavina Lacky 1890 in Sydney and died 1927 in North Sydney and had: -

i. Robert Thomas died 1967 in Bankstown.

*John J.M. born 1871.

WILLIAM, a butcher, was on born on 19th May 1845 and baptised ‘William Bowen by Rev. V. Bourgeois R/C on 9th August 1845 (parents were living in Liverpool Street, Sydney). He married Matilda J. Gane in Sydney in 1878 (she was born in Ulladulla 1862 and died in Gosford 1946). Their children were: -

*Emma Jane born in Balmain1879 died in Balmain 1880.

*Charlotte born in Balmain 1881.

*Matilda born in Balmain 1882 died in Balmain 1891.

*William born in Balmain 1884 died in Kiama 1952.

*Jane born 1886 in Queensland. (Gold rush?)

*Charles born 1888 in Queensland (Gold rush?) died in Bankstown 1962.

*Emily born in Balmain 1890.

*Thomas born in Balmain 1892 died in Lismore 1926.

*Ellen born in Balmain South 1894.

*May L. born in Balmain South 1897.

*Henry born in Balmain South 1902 died in Balmain South 1902.

*James who died in Burwood 1962.

ELLEN was born at Richmond River (Northern N.S.W.) on 19th January 1848 and was baptised ‘Ellen Boan’ by Rev. Magagnotto R/C on September 21st 1848 (parents living in Goulburn Street, Sydney). She married Michael Moran in Sydney in 1868. She died from senility, debility and chronic myocarditis, aged 78 years, according to her death certificate, on 15th July 1928, at 20 Cambridge Street, Balmain South and was buried on 17thJuly 1928 at the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood. The informant was her daughter, *Ellen Mary Garrett (nee Moran).Ellen and Michael had 11 children: -

*James C. born in Balmain 1868.

*Ellen Mary born in Balmain 1870 died at Five Dock 1953 who married Andrew Garrett in Marrickville in 1895 and had: -

i. Arthur Victor born in Balmain in 1898 died in Sydney 1972 who married Muriel I. Kingston (nee Pike) in Balmain South in 1932. (Muriel, born in Rockdale in 1902, was previously married in Balmain South in 1922 to Edward H. Kingston).

*Jessie born in Balmain1872 died in Balmain 1873.

*Michael born in Balmain 1873 died in Balmain South 1901.

*Ada J. born in Balmain 1875.

*Ethel M. bornin Balmain 1877 who married William P Swain in Sydney 1896.

*Maud V. born in Balmain1879 died in Balmain 1881.

*Daisy E. bornin Balmain1881 who married Enoch T. Hooworth in Balmain South 1905.

*Florence M. born in Balmain1882 died in Balmain 1883.

*Harry R. born in Balmain 1883 died in Balmain South1904.

*Arthur R . born in Balmain1885 died in Balmain 1885.

RICHARD, a butcher’s carter, was born in Sydney on 1st February 1851 and baptised by Rev. Gourbeillon R/C in Sydney on 17th August 1851, (parents living in Liverpool street, Sydney), who married Ellen Newlands, a 21 year old servant, on 27th July 1882 at Bethel House – Congregational - in George St. Nth, Sydney. Ellen died about 1914. Formally of 1 Elizabeth Street, Rozelle, Richard died in Sydney Hospital on 8th May 1901, aged 48 years, from ‘injuries received in a collision between a tram and a wagon he was driving and caused by negligence, according to the City Coroner, on the part of a Squire Webb and an Arthur Henry Chapman, who were committed to trial for manslaughter at an inquest held at Sydney on 9th May 1901’. He was buried on 10th May 1901 at the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Waverley, and the informant was his brother-in-law, Thomas H. Lane, of 74 Cowper Street, Waverley (who married Margaret Newlands, sister of Ellen Newlands, in 1885). Richard and Ellen had 9 children: -

*Amelia M. born in Balmain 1881 who married John E. O’Brien in Liverpool in1903.

*Ellen born in Balmain 1883, who later lived at 35 Duke Street, Campsie, married James W. Mayne in Canterbury in 1919 and lived in Woolcott Street, Canterbury and had: -

i. Iris Margaretwho married John Douglas MacDonald in Sydney in 1942and had: -

a.Douglaswho married Janice.

*Ada Isabella born in Balmain 1885 died in Burwood 1970.

*Ethel born 1888 in Queensland (gold rush?) who married Alfred G. Abrahams in Balmain South 1913.

*Richard born in Balamain1890 and died in Campbelltown in 1941, who married Olive Ruby Leo in Burwood in 1915 (she died in Penrith 1963) and had: -

i William Henry born 21st November 1915 in Burwood who married Dorothy Gretchen Muller in Richmond in 1939, lived at 11 Wilcannia Street, Richmond, and died in Parramatta 1959. His wife was living at 6 Benson Street, Wentworthville in 1970. He was a Private in Australian Army in WWII. His record and photo are available through WWII records.

ii Thomas Leo born 17th October 1917 in Picton was a soldier in WWII.

*Margaret born in Balmain 1892.

*Thomas Henry born in Balmain South 1895 was a printer who enlisted as a Private in the Australian Army on 1st September 1914 during WWI. He was living with his sister Ellen at Redamma Street Canterbury at the time. He became a Lance Corporal and Machine Gunner in the 1st Battalion and on 9th April 1917, Easter Monday, at about 10am, he was waiting under cover of a bank to take a village called Dermacort in France. He was hit by in the stomach by shrapnel from a shell and was badly injured, with his left side nearly blown away. He managed to walk, without assistance, to the Dressing Station about half a mile away and died there two days later. His mate Ross was blown to pieces. He was with a Lewis Machine Gun crew and most of the crew were hit. His mates called him “Dick” and he was about 5’7”, had dark hair, was very thickset, a slight moustache and was a very good athlete who played football for the “Anzacs” in England. He was a great favourite in the Battalion, according to his mates. He is buried at a large cemetery at Bergamots called Bapaume Australian Cemetery, about two miles from the Dressing Station. All his war records are available on line through WWI records.

*Frederick Newlands born in Balmain South 1897 died in Kogarah 1967 who married Alice Alberta Marsh in Paddington in 1938 (she died at Kogarah in 1968). He was a Gunner aged 18 years in Australian Army in WWI. His records are also available through WWI records. He was living with his sister Ellen in Woolcott Street, Canterbury in 1920. He was living at 46 Chapel Street Kogarah in July 1967.

*John born in Balmain South 1900 and living in Woolcott Street, Canterbury in 1920.