An Index of Australian Wills Families

"Ancestor Treasure Hunt"
by Richard Pokley
Published April, 1976

The Edward Wills Family
and Descendants in Australia
1797 - 1976

November 2012 - I received an email from David MacDonald as follows:-

I am the g-grandson of P.F. MacDonald.

Some years ago Carlie Creed loaned me a copy of Richard Pokley's "Ancestor Treasure Hunt". With the permission of the Pokley family I have made a digital copy of the book which I and the Pokley family would like placed in the public domain.

Perhaps you might be good enough to include the file on your website so that people can download it, either for reading or to print off a copy.

Yours sincerely, David MacDonald

Click on this link and it will take you to the book file, pokley.pdf.

You may read the file or download and save it as David has indicated.