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Deltacraft Islander Mk 2 - Trailable

7 August 2017
About a year ago I was introduced to the Deltacraft Islander Mk2 (trailable version) and thought it is the perfect boat for me as I recently retired and I live not far from Windsor on the Hawkesbury where there is a fantastic boat ramp and facilities.

However I am a bit slow at buying one, every one I go to look at sells before I get there, so I wondered if you could put a Wanted add on your website for me.

As I mentioned I am now retired so I can’t afford anything too expensive.

Thank you for any help.

Contact Eric
Phone 02-4573 1733
Mobile 0481 313 760

Deltacraft Mark 2.

24 August 2015.
Brian is after a Deltacraft MKII.

If you know of any for sale he is very keen on getting a reasonable conditional one.

Will pay good dollars for the right boat. He is in WA but we know of several that have been transported across Australia.

Email him at

Mark 2 Deltacraft Islander

June, 2014.

Deltacraft Mark 2. Wanted

I am looking to be a future owner of a Deltacraft Mark 2.

I am not concerned about the condition as I am willing to restore if necessary

Contact - Click to email   David   or Phone   0420 701 955.

Ballasted / trailer version 5.7 Mark 2 Islander

June, 2014.
I wish to purchase a water ballasted Mark 2 version 5.7m Deltacraft Islander with trailer.

I am 60 years old now and have retired and was very inspired by the story of  Gordon and his adventures   and I, with my wife, wish to emulate some of his travels.

Any owner wishing to pass their much loved Islander Mark 2 on to me will know that she will be in gentle and loving hands.

Regards and Thanks, Brett
Contact - Click to email   Brett   or Phone 0403 900 700.

Volvo Penta inboard engine

October 31, 2013.
I am looking for a reburbished or near new Volvo Penta inboard engine of approx 18 to 28 hp ideally built from year 2000 onwards (will consider older if in good condition).

Sought to repower my Deltacraft Islander Mark I that has the original Volva Penta MD7A engine. This engine still works, but I want to modernise and add a little more power.

Please get in touch if you have such an engine. Alex Edwards   0433 641 128.

Deltacraft Wanted

Some of you may have a much loved Deltacraft which you can no longer maintain, afford, require ( the kids have all grown up and left home), is moored too far from your home, etc, etc. Or perhaps you have noticed how big the boat becomes when you slip it and start work on the hull, It was not that big when you were younger.

Andrew is young enough and has enough time to give your boat the care it deserves and is prepared to consider buying your family Deltacraft.

Contact Andrew at the above email or telephone address and discuss your situation with him.

A sensible price paid for the right boat.

 Passenger side seat - Wanted

Wanted: Passenger side seat in blue same as the helmsman seat. That is the fibreglass base with the folding seat above. It attaches with hinges to the bench seat with hinges.

I have 1984 Mk 2 Deltacraft with 18 HP Volvo Penta. I go out with my next door neighbour who is 76 so the need for the passenger side seat is urgent.

I am located on the central coast (Gosford, NSW)

Contact - Click to email Francis or Phone 0458 240 740.

 Deltacraft Mark 2. Wanted

I am a past owner and looking to be a future owner of a Deltacraft Mark 2.

I am keen to get a trailerable boat as a project and will look at Mark 1 as well as Mark 2.

Hope to hear from you. Regards, Tony, Central Coast area, NSW.
Click the blue text to email him.

  Rudder Wanted.

6 August 2009 - Great website on the Deltacraft Islander !

I am wondering if you could post a question for me on your website's forum page please.

I would like to know if anyone could advise me if a replacement Rudder would be still available to Purchase for a Deltacraft Islander Mark 1 and if so, from what company please .

The Rudder on my Deltacraft has corroded badly where the stainless steel stock meets the brass fin and as a result it has now broken off compleatly !

I have the boat on the hard now, fairing the bottom and re antifouling her and she will have to stay out of the water untill I can find a new replacement rudder for her .

If you can help or any of your Deltacraft website's readers know of a supplier, please contact me at Jim Hutton

Thank you Andrew, Best Wishes, Jim Hutton

7 January 2011
I am writing to you Andrew to say Thank you for placing the "Rudder Wanted" listing for me on your Deltacraft Owners Club website.

I am able to happily report that I was Contacted by John Gale and John has kindly manufactured for me a Brand New Rudder for my Mark 1 Deltacraft Islander, and I can tell you that the new rudder is Magnificent in Complete Stainless Steel and John has assured me it will last a lifetime !

The only problem now is I have seen the pictures of John & Stephens New Deltacraft Islander and I would now Love one of these ! Oh well that will be something to dream about for now, and maybe achieve one day in the future, What a Beautiful new Islander they have built ! A fine work of art from two Master Craftsmen.

Thank you again Andrew. Kind Regards, Jim Hutton.

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