Tests and Brochures

When this web site was originally planned a request was made for copies of tests of the Deltacraft Islander when it was first launched. The below will lead you to the articles and brochures received.

This page provides links to various sea trials that have been carried out over the years with most relative to the early days of the Deltacraft Islander which appears to be the mid to late 1970's and early 1980's.

Click on the below links to read the many articles and study their findings.

June 1978 This article was published in Australian Boating magazine June 1978 edition pages 33 to 36 and appears to have been finalised on page 67. The writer is unknown. The article had been photocopied more than once and text in the left-hand colum and the bottom of page 33 has been lost. Likewise the left-hand colum of page 35 and page 67. Should you have a good copy of this article please advise the web-master of any errors in his asumption of what the missing words are. He can be contacted at Name

1982 or 1983 This article was written by Andrew Norton and Pat Tilbrook in Powercraft's "Boats of the Year" magazine. The date of issue of the magazine is unknown. However, in the article, the author mentions his "two year old VC Holden". Google tells me that the VC was introduced in March 1980. So the article was written about 1982 or 1983. After being photo copied several times the black and white photos are not suitable for publication on the internet.

1983 This brochure contains an article written by James Hill, Professional Boating Magazine. It appears to have been published in the 1983 as an advertising brochure as we received two copies with the same article, with a similar cover style but with different photos. After several photo copies the black and white photos are not suitable for publication on the internet.

Undated This brochure is headed "Boating is swinging to diesel"... Join the swing with the boat that's leading the diesel rebellion". Deltacraft Islander 5.5 metre. It is undated.

August 2007 Ewan Kennedy wrote an article for AFLOAT magazine August 2007 issue. That article started the current interest in the Deltacraft Islander. He is a motoring journalist who likes nothing better than to leave the frantic world of high-horsepower sports cars and enjoy a lazy evening behind the wheel of his 1980 Deltacraft Islander Mk I.

Links to interesting items by owners
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Recent photos of some of the original Deltacraft Islanders
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