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The 1984 version of the 'clinker- built' Chapman pup'

  Look - it's a launch!

The Angler

It's not just a boat!

No, it's not a runabout or a cruiser, either.

It's the Deltacraft Angler and according to Steve Leonard, of Deltacraft, it's very definitely ... a launch!

The Angler, as the name would imply, has been built and fitted out for the fisherman.

Its sea-kindly little hull is only 16ft long, but it has a roomy, 6ft 10in beam.

And if we had a contest among our Budget Boats for economy, the Deltacraft Angler would likely win hands down.

Try these figures - the boat - oops, launch, is only $4000. Try $800 for a Johnson eight hp outboard and about $700 for a Tracer trailer and you're afloat.

And, set up as above, you're covering something like 35 miles to a gallon of fuel!

If that's not Budget Boating, we don't know what it is!

The Deltacraft Angler has proven its worth as a hire boat, and the company is currently working to fulfill an order for eight of the sturdy little vessels to go into service on the Murray River.

With its twin V-berths, provision for a marine toilet, full camping covers and economical running, the Angler is eminently suitable to the role of hire boat.

But private customers as well as working marinas where tough little work-boats are prime requirements, are also placing orders for the Angler.

Although it can be fitted with an inboard engine, Steve Leonard reports that the outboard is showing out as the most popular choice. The boat reaches its full hull speed of around five to six knots with four horsepower.

So fitted with the Johnson light hull speed is reached and maintained at half throttle for long periods.

We said it was ideal for the fisherman.

Consider this - the cockpit measures a massive (for this size craft) 48 square feet!

It is fitted with bait wells, full length side pockets down both sides, along with moulded rod racks.

Naturally, the cockpit is self-draining.

On this launch, the driver operates the vessel from the full width rear lounge, or thwart, but runabout-style skipper/navigation seats can be fitted if that's the way you wish to pilot the Angler.

A dash of teak in the form of marlin board and cabin-top grab rails on both port and starboard side of the cabin roof, add a bit of style to the Angler.

A large and very practical anchor well can be reached with ease through the forward hatch.

All in all, a top launch-style vessel.

One would imagine that for a quiet day's fishing with a few friends, perhaps trolling for the odd tailor along the coast, this vessel would be mighty hard to beat.

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