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Email received 10 July 2013

I am having a Deltacraft Islander ( Mark 3 ) built at the new factory at Caves Beach. It will be the first full Islander built there, they did build a Party boat before my boat. It looks like it will be finished around the end of August.

It is the top of the line model the Platinum, with some additional extras.

It will have a Raymarine E series 9 inch chart plotter interfaced with the engine and an auto pilot and rudder indicator an echo sounder fish finder is also part of the package. The 9 inch screen will be interfaced with the inside television so my passengers can view the action.

The transom step/duckboard has been extended.

Other mods include a general service pump for additional bilge pumping capacity and pumping out the waste water tanks.

The general service pump will also be used for deck and anchor washing. It will have a proper pump out toilet with pump as well as macerator. This is because if a boatie navigates the Murray River not even domestic waste water is allowed over the side.

An anchor windlass with plough anchor.

But back to the Islander club. Does the club have regattas or meetings or is it more a share information thing. I am interested in anything you may wish to tell me or ask for that matter.


Editors Note
I continue this site as a hobby.

If readers wish to organise regattas or meetings I am quite happy for them to use these pages as a contact point.

Email received 12 July 2013

I am the proud owner of a Mark 2 Deltacraft with water ballast.

My problem is I think the shower use to run through a heat exchanger into the hot water tank, the problem is that the shower now only works with cold water.

There is no heat exchanger on the motor (if there was one ) and the 2 hoses which run to the exchanger are cut, and there is now a loop of hose from one inlet or outlet to the other about 200mm apart on the top of the motor.

Could someone please explain how the original system was connected and worked so it can be reconnected.

Kind regards, John

Steve Leonard advises:-

The operating water temperature of Volvo raw (salt) water cooled engines is 60 degrees and on the freshwater cooled version 90 degrees.

On the 60 degree Mark 2 the raw water is piped via a Volvo accessory twin pipe set up which is located on top of the engine between the water cooled exhaust elbow and the other outlet from the head.

This pipe feeds raw water though the hot water tank (port side) via a copper tube which transfers the heat from the coil to the fresh water thus heating it at no cost.

If the coil breaks then the raw water fills the hotwater tank and the short term solution is to simply have loop in the line thus isolating the tank again. This is the case in the question put to me.

Boats of this age ( 30+ years old ) may need to have
1. The top of the tank cut open
2. A new annealed length of tube coiled cut and fitted ,
3. Cut out the old coil and remove it and with using flex hose and hose clips, engage the new copper tube to its outlet and inlet in the inside of the tank.
4. Then a lid is fashioned and fitted utilizing the cutout part of the cockpit sole.

NOTE:- there is no heat exchanger on raw water cooled engines as the raw water travels through the engine and picks up any heat and exits through the exhaust. This water is then used to cool the exhaust system. These engines have sacrificial anodes which need to be changed.

On the Mark 3, the fresh water being at 90 degrees needs careful handling thus the entire fresh water system is pump pressurized at 50 psi which feeds both the hot and cold systems, and also utilizing a pressure vessel HWS supplied by Fenquin Marine Volvo, where once again the engine heat is utilized to heat the hotwater tank. These Volvo engines have no sacrificial anodes and utilize a heat exchanger.

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