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October 2012
I was fascinated to stumble on your site.

About 4 years ago I rebuilt a Mark 1 and have been sadly missing that boat.

I would like to add my bit of tech problems and perhaps hear of others who solved this problem, I found the exhaust went straight through to the sea, there was no U tube or similar system to stop back flow to the engine as it was cooling down.

My solution was to have fabricated a stainless U tube and bends, it was a tricky business to fit this into the confined space available, however I managed it. It worked fine.

Actually at 83 I am again seeking to buy another one as I am currently moving to the Central Coast, NSW. I would prefer the Mark 2 as the toilet is very handy at night. As people my age would appreciate!

It must be a little disconcerting to the original builder to hear of these defects originally built in.

So any one with an Islander for sale contact me on 0418 662 641 ... Kevin

The Deltas always had an exhaust elbow sea water cooled and a waterlock muffler. This was approved by MSB, as they were called then, as the best possible exhaust system for this vessel.

Private owners modified these systems for what ever reason and obviously this was one of these modified systems.

Most of the original systems are still functioning perfectly after what is well over 30 years of use as the mufflers are made of plastic and don't corrode.

I am always available to give fee advice to anyone with problems in this area.

Steve Leonard, Deltacraft Builder

January 2013
I bought a 1985 Deltacraft. It has a 28hp Volvo penta, diesel fitted.

While cruising excess warm water pours from the outlet on the side of the boat, which is the overflow from the fibreglass box.

I was wondering if this is normal, because the gentleman I bought the boat from has fallen ill, and I cannot ask him any questions.

Steve Leonard advised :- The warm flow of water is the engine coolant circulating through, as it is a saltwater cooling system.

March 2013
I'm having trouble getting covers for my Delta Craft moored in Middle Harbour Sydney.

Have tried a couple of Trimers but no success in actually getting the job done even though I have accepted 2 quotes.

Can anyone suggest someone that reliable and will do a good job please?   Mark

Steve Leonard advised :- I have no idea except for our girl Gemma might be worth a try cause she knows the job, find her at Warriwood on 0424 567 757. Her business is called "Fine Lines".

March 2013
We are now finally able to be the very proud owners of a DeltaCraft Islander Mark 2. So lucky also to be able to purchase such a fine example.

We have so many questions already. No doubt many more to come. It's so exciting to be a part of the .....dunno what to say...It's literally been a lifetime of hoping, waiting, and dreaming.

Anyway, just about to launch her tomorrow. She'll live from her mooring from then on....In paradise at Eden (Twofold Bay) NSW.

We would be greatly appreciative of any comments with regards to learning all there is to know about our little ship. Beginning with, how to find the plans of the hull, fuel, water, ballast tanks., etc..

Editors Note :- Most of the above information is contained in the "Links" page at this site.
See .

March 2013
I have to say a big thank you to the Deltacraft website and especially to Gordon Cox former owner of the Gypsea 2.

It was Gordon's stories which inspired me to look at the Deltacraft Islander. It was perfect for me, just what I wanted. I looked for a while then decided for the water ballasted Mark 2, preferably on a trailer.

Well to my surprise I found one on this website, the Gypsea 2, it was an omen, the rest is history. What a great boat, a real credit to the designers and builders.

I have it parked in Port Welshpool at the moment, but will be bringing it home soon to Melbourne. I will do a few cosmetic improvements to her and have the 18 hp Volvo serviced and checked.

Hopefully I will be launching her soon, could anyone who has launched a Mark 2 water ballasted model before let me know how far the trailer has to go in the water to float the boat off the trailer ? As I have never launched a boat of this depth before.

Also do the covers for the ballast have to be opened before or after launch ?

I will keep reading the forums on this website as they are very informative. Again a thank you to all the people involved with Deltacraft. Regards, John

Steve Leonard advised :-
1). The 14inch trailer wheels need to be immersed, that covers the need to measure the water depth. This is always sufficient to float a Deltacraft. Contrary to popular belief they actually need only 2 ft or 600 mm to float, once the hull touches the water they are buoyant.

2). The tank evacuates all air automatically as the water comes in with the water ballasted version, consequently the breather (one on the Mark 3, two on the Mark 2) needs to be open. This is a black plastic conventional filler cap located in the centre of the forward bunks, horizontal on the Mark 2 and vertical on the Mark 3. Also one is located in the Mark 2 on the drivers footrest. These need to be opened again as the boat is pulled from the water, to allow quick drainage .

3). We would love to hear of some of the places that Gypsea 2 and other Deltas get to, as John says, its very inspiring to imagine the fun that is to be had in this very individual vessel, capable of long explorations whist living on board.

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