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Trailer Modifications

Ian's boat I have made some modifications to my trailer to allow quick adjust of rear rollers, but I always have trouble getting the boat to centre on the trailer when loading.
1. Extension to drawbar, to get the trailer further into the water.
2. Adjustable "quick release" rollers at rear, these are dropped prior to launch/retrieval and only used to support the boat while travelling on the road.

My problem is that as I retrieve the boat onto the trailer, there is nothing to centre the boat onto the rollers and because the trailer is deep in the water, I can not see where the boat needs to be. I often end up missing the rear rollers altogether, resulting in a day of fibreglass repairs!

Any suggestions, that result in less fibreglassing and more boating, would be most welcome!

Modification details. One


Max wrote on the 5 February 2012:-

Nice bottom! My Kingston is good on top, but a bit punished underneath.

Dave at TMC Trailers has a set of trailer gate guides for me which I am looking forward to get from him when I can catch him. Apparently, they are made of 40mm sq so should be excellent for addressing the problem of getting the boat squarer onto the trailer.

In the mean time, it boils down to an obliging bystander to hold a stern line (or two).

I am getting a roller rack of 11 x 300mm red rollers, plus the original front pair of wobble roller.

Wedge This is awaiting galvanising from Trailer City, who are great, but a bit difficult to communicate with, and crazy busy whenever you go there.

I love your drawbar extension. Did you get a ready made item, it looks great!

Caravan wedges work really well under the back wheels, but they do float away. I may invest in a bigger pair, but they do lift the wheel out of the salt water without too much effort.

If we keep at it, we will make life easier for ourselves.

NOTE:- The extension was made by a local engineering shop, "Speedline Engineering" in Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast.

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