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How to purchase a Deltacraft Islander & Transport it across Australia
by Wally and Steve Leonard

Trailer July 11, 2011 Since we last communicated, I've purchased what appears, sight unseen, to be a well loved Mark 1 and tandem axle trailer that are located at Tea Gardens, NSW.

I'm now starting to think through the logistics of transporting the boat to W.A.. One option I'm considering is to drive over with a boating friend in my Pajero turbo/diesel and tow it the 4000+ kms back to South Yunderup.

Alternatively, I'm investigating the feasibility of transporting the boat-on-trailer via a trucking company. In order to request a quote, I need to provide the dimensions of the vessel including weight.

However, I have not been able to find these dimensions for the Mark 1 on the web. This is where you may be able to assist.

I'd really appreciate your advice on these dimensions (particularly weight) and any other tips you are willing to impart on transporting options/preparation.

Excited! Wally

Trailer Hi Walter, Well from one boaty to another congratulations ! I'm sure you will enjoy your Delta. I wish I could create the original shape again she was such a good boat as I'm sure you will find out. John mentioned you called just as I was glassing which is hard to untangle ones self from, John is a knowledgeable man but one of few words !

The all up weight is around a tonne and a half, I'd say possibly a little more, the trailers usually weigh around 400kilos and the boat the rest. You could always get a weigh bridge certificate.

My experience with sending to WA is that the boat carriers are far too expensive unless you happen across a boat builder in WA who sends his craft here in which case the truck will be able to do the return trip with yours so ring the WA boating association and ask them. Otherwise any trucking company can take it on a semi.

The weight will be of little consequence but the size will be. The Mark 1 is 18 foot 8 inches long and the trailer and another 3 or 4 feet. I say this in feet as it was the unit used at the time.

I did the run to the Perth Boat show and it took 4 days through Broken Hill, I quite enjoyed it for the experience sake but the truck is the first cost to consider then the cost of another vehicle after that I reckon. Also if you can approach the seller to deliver it to the trucking company for you, maybe paying him for that may be needed.

Trailer If you come over please visit us in Brookvale if you can, also if the Yanmar can be serviced here as well that would be good. The trailer wheel bearings must be checked also, I'm sure you realize all this.

The boat looks good in the pic you sent but who knows without a closer squizz, hey, you may be able to tow it past us and also run it on the harbour would be a good idea.

All the best with your new project Walter, and keep in touch. Oh and by the way the rear rollers MUST be lower than the turn of the bilge as you launch otherwise she wont want to come off the trailer with out a heave, which is unnecessary, should glide off easy. It looks like they are are a bit high in the pic.

Regards, Steve

Hi Steve. Common sense prevailed! The boat will be transported, door to door, by a boatie/truckie friend of the seller for a very reasonable $3,400. All due care to be taken (minimal handling, trailer axles blocked-up and boat/trailer wrapped in a tarpaulin cocoon). All other quotes were in the $6,000 to $7,000 bracket. It's all about to happen this Fri through to Thu week, so I won't be coming over and the truckie will be taking a bee-line from Tea Gardens to South Yunderup, WA.

Trailer It would have been great to catch up with you... maybe some other time. I've inserted some of the additional photos that gave me a virtual-squizz at the thing. It's got its problems (marlin board not mounted horizontally, backyard installation of cooker... although easily removed etc) but overall, it looks to be good condition. Time will tell.

My new neighbour in an adjoining canal has the only other WA based Islander that he and I are personally aware of and he's delighted there's to be an addition to the 'fleet'. Thanks for the tip on the rollers. I'll adjust them after the rig arrives in South Yunderup.

I passed your sales info onto a friend who came down to visit us yesterday. It seems he is set on buying an Islander but I'm not sure if it will be an old or new one. I'm inviting him and his wife down to 'wet the bow' of ours in a few weeks time. That should keep him on the go.

All the best. Walter

PS. I sit the Skippers Ticket assessment next week.

21 August 2011

I'm very happy with the Islander. It's a very honest boat - everything works very well.

I've cleaned up the cockpit by discarding the rough cooker cabinet, side seat and carpet. I've reinstalled the co-pilot's seat and repaired the damaged windscreen and wiring. The trailer has been upgraded with waterproof LED lights and both trailer and boat are now registered in WA.

She (or should that be he, as the boat is called 'Bob') performs very well here in our local Murray River, canals and estuary and it looks a picture now tied up at our jetty.

22 August 2011
Hi Steve, My Islander project just became somewhat more complex... I've bought another one!

On the trailer I had left an alert active in eBay, which brought another Mark 1 plus trailer for sale to my attention with no reserve price, located in North Epping, NSW. As it looked like an even better example than mine, I decided to watch it and see how the bidding went. There was the usual to-ing a fro-ing between a hand full of bidders before the bidding stalled at a relatively low figure.

I discussed the possibility of bidding on this one with Sue, my Minister of Finance, with a view to bringing this boat over and on-selling the other one. She gave me a green light to bid what we assessed to be a competitive but bargain price figure for such a good sounding boat. I keyed the figure in, pressed the enter key with 8 seconds to go and it was ours!

Trailer Now for the hard part, bringing it over to here. I learned a few lessons from the last time around. This time, Sue and I are planning to:


I'll give you a ring to discuss the action plan and timing with you further.

Even more excited... Walter

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