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The Adventures of Gordon

Gordon C. is currently travelling around Australia using his Trailable Version Deltacraft Islander as his home, whilst exploring our amazing waterways, rivers, ports, resorts and reefs.

Gordon hails from Melbourne and so far the Gippsland lakes stand out as superb. He is now as far as the Hawksbury River in Sydney, soon bound for Port Stephens and the magnificent Myall Lake system.

Gordon's boat Gordon's boat
For more details of Gordon's Adventures go to   The Voyage of the Gypsy II  

13 May 2011 - My wife and I are about to relocate from suburban Perth to a canal home at South Yunderup (East of Mandurah on W.A.'s Murray River which opens into the Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary).

Consequently, I am in the market for a boat and, from what I have seen on the web, the Deltacraft Islander seems to fit the bill.

My question is this. Of the ~560 built, have you any knowledge about how many of these great little vessels found their way to W.A.?

Love the website! Walter.

If you live in WA and have a Deltacraft Islander please drop us an email to assist with this question.

7th June 2011 - I am the owner of a wonderful Delta Mark 2 - 'Merlin' which I purchased two years ago from a older couple in Bayview.

Merlin has had a 28hp Volvo engine upgrade - she flys!

'Merlin' really is in eight out of ten original condition - and its my mission to bring her full back to tip top form - she has great upholstery, teak, stainless - a wonderful original fit-out. I think she is the best Delta Mark2- I have seen (though I have not seen many Mark 2's around).

I'm not sure how many Mark2's were made - but what an excellent vessel, truly a wonder of boat design and practicality - a real testament to design brilliance!

I've just had the tail shaft replaced, engine re-aligned and new covers made - now trying to find someone to build a new timber backboard (has been difficult to find someone for that) - to finish of the main refurb, though new upholstery is also on the list.

I am wondering if there is any info on the Mark'2s - such as how many made - and variations what they originally sold for. I'm interested in any info whatsoever - just a huge fan!

There are so many Delta fans out there - 'Merlin' is my first boat and brings such joy and pleasure to everyone I know.

Thank you Steve and John so much for giving all the Delta fanciers the boat of their dreams!

May I make a suggestion? - Could we perhaps arrange a Delta regatta sometime - as a tribute to the arrival of the new Delta release - it would be a great thing to see all those Deltas motoring along together... might be a really great news story.

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