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5 December 2007 I recently came across your website on the Deltacraft Islander and as a fellow owner am keen to further my knowledge of this great little boat. I obtained "Minstrel" from an old friend a couple of years ago. Arthur was 94yrs old and incapable of maintaining her. I have since had to spend some time and some money to refurbish her but, she is now getting back to being a reliable little vessel.

Unfortunately, the Murray River here is now very shallow and she is mostly aground on the mud. I recently acquired a trailer and with a crane, will lift her out next week. She has a Yanmar 15hp engine, most reliable and economical. She gets along happily at 5.6 knots.

I have also acquired some teak which I have had sawn into planks and am about to fit a hatch cover to the anchor well and some laid planks on the cabin top. I also plan to add teak handrails. The idea is to take some of the plastic boat look off her and make her look more shipshape. The Islander, although a most practical craft looks a bit like a plastic tub so, some timber dressing should hopefully improve her looks.

I look forward to hearing from you and am certainly interested in a club of owners. There are a few Islanders around here, with the Murray and the lower lakes being an ideal cruising ground. I live on Hindmarsh Island and know of another owner here and one across the river in Goolwa. I believe there are a few more about the place too.

Deltacraft 21 January 2008

I own this boat, which I think is a Deltacraft (a really early one). The giveaway's are the bow shape and the front gunwales that run to amidships. The exhaust placement, engine location and floorshape inside the cabin all look like pictures of Deltacraft Mark 1's I've seen on the Internet.

If you think it is, let me know. The top cabin is my handywork and I'd be happy to write some content for your site regarding it's rebuild if you are interested.


12 April 2008 Just bought a delta from Hindmarsh Island Marina and brought it back to Patterson Lakes, Vic. where it now sits tied up to my mooring at back of my house . It's a ripper very tired and needs some work but dry as a bone and very seaworthy. I have attached a pic.

November 2008 - On 12 April 2008 I sent a pic of my new old delta. It gets plenty of use but I feel the prop is a bit NQR and wonder if anybody can help me with the correct pitch etc. It is a Mark 1 with a Yanmar 2Qm15 motor. I have also had new covers made with an extension of the roof and it works beautifully in the cold Melbourne winter.

Deltacraft Deltacraft

24 April 2008 I have been looking over your Deltacraft Islander Club website for the last few months.

I am looking for an affordable boat to cruise the Hawkesbury/Sydney Harbour of which will enable myself, wife and two kids to sleep and do overnighters on with a reasonable amount of comfort.

From info read on your website, the Deltacraft Mark 2 water ballast version fits the bill. I like the fact that it is trailerable (I live not far from Windsor boat ramp), affordable to buy and run and also that it has a toilet/shower, dinette and galley with fridge.

16 June 2008 I've been refurbishing a Mark 2 over the past few weeks. I've come across some serious problems in the original construction of this boat that may be common to other Mark 2 boats.

It may be appropriate if you could put these warnings in the web "Forum" for others to take heed of and check their own boats.

It goes something like this :-
During refurbishment of a Mark 2 (1986), I came across several instances where the integrity of the fittings have seriously deteriorated. Please check you boats to see if this is a common problem.

Warning 1. Boarding platform may collapse. The original boarding platform was constructed using ordinary steel screws instead of stainless. As these screws are hidden underneath wooden plugs, there is no visible evidence of corrosion. It is possible that the screws have completely disintegrated leaving only glue to hold the platform together.

Warning 2. Stainless fuel tank may rust, causing fuel to leak or water to enter the tank. The original tank was 'glassed into position forming a pocket in which water can collect around the base of the tank. The tank will rust from the outside in. The rust is not easily visible.

For further discussion, call Ernie on 02 9484 3930

6 September 2008 Greetings from Moreton Bay Cleveland. I am an owner of a Delta Craft Islander (believe Mark 1 but not sure). What can I say this boat is brilliant, reminds me of the Tardis on Doctor Who and certainly can handle the rough. Bit about the boat -Mark 1 date build 1982 colour white, upholstery white, trim teak, name Suzie 11 Yanmar 20/20 18h.p diesel, top hard, moored at Cleveland.

Love the boat but unfortunately will probably have to sell her due to house build. Motor has only 150 hrs on her from new, could do with a polish and tidy but very sound condition, would accept $13,000, has fridge,stove, sink,toilet, shower.

If you could pass my details onto any interested buyers and also add me to the registry in case I finish the house and get to keep her, I would be grateful. Love your forum thank you for running it. Kind Regards, Randell.

12 September 2008 We have a DeltaCraft Islander Mark 2 which has been restored and used in the Tin Can Bay, Sandy Straits, Qld. I had a original DeltaCraft way back with the 12hp BMW diesel. Anyway I see you have formed a club and we would like to join. I am seeking the process to do so. Cheers, Jim

Andrew's Reply Just email any questions you need know about the Deltacraft or if you wish email your phone number and I will phone you.

19 September 2008 - I spoke briefly to you on your mobile about my Delta Craft (The Betsy) a couple of weeks ago.

Some how a loose wire wrapped itself around the gear box coupling and destroyed the output seal. I could not move the coupling on the propeller shaft. I guess it has not been off for many years. The last time I took the shaft out the motor was out and being replaced, so removed the propeller and it was removed from the front.

To remove the gear box I had to cut the propeller shaft behind the coupling with a cut off wheel on a 100mm grinder [not much fun] I had to push the cut off shaft out off the coupling in big press. There is plenty of anti seize on it now. A new shaft machined and back in business a big job to replace a seal.

When John owned the boat it was in survey, and was used for bare boat hire in the Whitsunday Islands off Airley Beach.

Andrew I hope you find this of interest here is some of the boat's history.

Mark 2 - Launched, Pittwater. N.S.W 8 May 1986 - Power, Volvo Penta 28 H.P - Gear Box, Volvo KCMS 2B - She has had four owners - Re-powered with Yanmar 30 h.p TNE Series, 20 August 1999.

23 September 2008 Details and photos of Delta Craft Islander Mark 2 berthed at Tin Can Bay Marina:-
Deltacraft Delta craft Islander Mark 2
Built 1985
Exterior colour white
Interior color white
Seats blue
Engine new Kubota D722 18.8 Hp 3600 RPM (2007)
Twin batteries (new 2007)
90L fuel tank
90L water tank
3 blade prop (new 2007)
toilet enclosure porta potty
Hard top with weather curtains
Rewired and LED lights cabin and cockpit (2007)
Anchors, sand and plough
Depth sounder/fishfinder Garmin 120
VHF radio
All safety gear (new 2007)
As new gal trailer and electric winch (stored)
Phone 0400150978

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